2020 Home Photo Challenge

2020 Home Photo Challenge

Didn’t wander outside today….my Philip is recouping from surgery. A routine neuter became a bit more when it was discovered that he was suffering from Cryptorchidism

Recovery has been slow, but I believe he’s finally turning a corner.

“Kittens will make your sad go away. ~David Wong 

2020 Home Photo Challenge 1-23-20

2020 Home Photo Challenge via Lillie-Put

This is a photo of what’s left of the original homestead that once stood here in my property.

The Stones here speak to me, and I know their mute language. Also, they seem deeply to feel what I think. So a broken column of the old Roman times, an old tower of Lombardy, a weather-beaten Gothic piece of a pillar understands me well. But I am a ruin myself, wandering among ruins.” ~Heinrich Heine~