Art Therapy 🎨

“Art is my cure to all this madness, sadness and loss of belonging in the world & through it I’ll walk myself home.”
~Nikki Rowe~

“Sometimes you just need to get out of your head and let things flow.” ~mE~

StringPull Painting

“Life is full of challenges. We all have them. Art has helped me through my own deep valleys.”
~Sarah Jio~


5 thoughts on “Art Therapy 🎨

  1. Wow Linda,
    Long time and hope all is well.
    I am just recovering from Covid but symptoms are manageable. I just woke up wanting a drink & thought I would visit the reader.
    Delighted to see you here and you have definitely given me the prompt I needed to return to some art work.
    Thank you.
    Take care 🙂🙏

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