Who Am I?

I am you-nique. (Yep….that’s me! 🙃) I’m just one little speck in the vastness of this universe, traversing as best I can. Just like the changing of the seasons, I to am changing. There’s been times of ‘hibernation’, a hunkering down, turning inward, death. There’s been rebirth, a shedding of layers, and time of growth.

I am A Seeker/Pilgrim on a Pilgrimage. While I am entering uncharted territory emotionally and spiritually, my heart is open and ready for this part of my journey………


written by Lady Calen ❤️

116 thoughts on “A LITTE BIT ABOUT ME…..

  1. Hi again Linda,
    Been thinking about you lately and wondering if all is ok with you. Have missed your posts.
    It seems I was meant to revisit your about page again.
    This time around the words of Chuck and Calen seem to ring so true for me.
    I seem to have come to a stalemate at present so I think now is the time to make a pilgrimage to visit the labyrinth near the seaside in Wales I told you about, thank you for the prompt & will get enya’s c.d.

  2. Hello Margaret!!! I’m happy your found your way here and do hope that you will share your pilgrimage with us ❤️ And I have no doubt you will Loveeeeee Enya…her CD A Day Without Rain is one of my favorites!!

    • Hi Linda,
      Good to hear from you. Not got around to getting c.d but will prioritise this week. Going to gambia 4 Dec so reviewed decision re visit to labyrinth till after my trip. Will take my finger labyrinth with me like last time.
      Hope all is well. All ok here 🙂

  3. Hi Linda,
    Synchronicity! Somehow Enya’s words sound so meaningful this time around. Yesterday I came across my finger labyrinth whilst decluttering my journal cupboard. I didn’t take it to The Gambia & somehow not being able to incorporate it’s use into my daily journalling practice affected how I grounded myself amongst other things happening at the time.
    During this wake up call for all of us hopefully I can find myself within the lockdown & social distancing.
    This About section is wonderful Linda.
    Take care ❤️🙏💁🏻‍♀️

  4. Loove your new look! Well, new to me anyway. Your eyes are shining bright. Your smile is big. Calen’s poem is just right for this time of changes. On ward and upward we pilgrims journey. Each step a step closer to whatever the destination will be. Bless you on your journey x

  5. Hello,
    I’m Carmen. 🙂 I can’t say that I have been following your blog even though I get the notifications about your new posts.
    But today’s notification caught my attention (the picture of your cat at the kitchen table…super cute!) I’m a cat mama too. I simply felt compelled to reach out today to tell you that I also have a spiritual connection with dragonflies. Since about 2015 they appear to me in all forms and remind me constantly of my own spiritual growth. I also moved away from the Catholic church because I could no longer reconcile with the belief that I had to fear God in order to live a godly life among its other dogma. I now have learned to look to the authority of my own convictions that I am one with all and with God no matter circumstance, time, or space. That love is always and fear is ego. I’ve learned to put belief before hope and trust before doubt. I know all that the dragonfly symbolizes. For me, they are my little messengers reminding me always to keep my world magical through Love’s vision for it is all only temporary and nothing is to be taking too seriously. Thank you for sharing through your blog, and I’m sure I’ll chime in again when spirit moves me to. 😉

    Blessings and love to you.

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