Wow…hard to believe that this blog of mine is a 5+ years in the making…..there’s been a lot of changes since it’s ‘inception’ all those years ago..the biggest being birth and death. The births of my grandchildren have been beautiful gifts in my life….The death of my beloved husband is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure. Love and Loss has sent me out on a journey I was neither expecting or ready for.

Once again, this page needs to be overhauled. Like the changing of the seasons, I to am changing. There’s been times of ‘hibernation’, a hunkering down, turning inward, death. There’s been rebirth, a shedding of layers, and time of growth.

“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of – throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.”
C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Who Am I?

I am A Seeker/Pilgrim on a Pilgrimage. While I am entering uncharted territory emotionally and spiritually, my heart is open and ready for this part of my journey………

The blog itself will continue to be a hodgepodge of posts, which in their own way will continue to reflect Who I Am and Who I Am Becoming…..

Who Am I at this moment of my NOW? I am Linda Marie and I’ve been put on this new road of rebirth and rediscovery of herself as a follower of Christ.


the journey continues …


“He has covered me with his feathers, and under his wings I do trust.”

112 thoughts on “A LITTE BIT ABOUT ME…..

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    • “Spiritual Dragonfly : Her blog shows up her various forms of self-expression. I find it contagious enough in helping me find my own.”

      Thank you for your kind words…..and for the nomination. I’m humbled. When I started my blog, I wasn’t sure anyone would even read it, much less get something out of it. I’m going to humbly decline just because your words and comments are my award……thank you again…wishing you a beautiful day!!!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.
    I am new at this and its taking me time, but the comments you posted on my post have really brightened my day and hopefully I can express myself as boldly as you.

    Thank you,

    Rohit Belani.

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  4. A few minutes back it was unknown,
    not on my map,
    but I landed here into your blog.
    I do not know what shall happen the next minute.
    That is unknowable.
    But I know something is going to happen.
    I follow you.
    Real things are going to happen now.
    Shall come some other time,
    should you welcome me.
    Fondest Regards,

  5. I was fascinated by your username and thought to check. I love your uniqueness. I am also on a journey to discover my full essence and to share the lessons life present to me. Will stop by now and then. cheers. :).

    • You, my dear friend are adorable! Thank you from the bottom of my humble heart for the nomination AND your kind words!!! Please accept my sincere gratitude while I politely decline. The fact that you chose to nominate me and your words are award enough for me. My award is hopefully touching someone in a small, positive way, as so many of my fellow bloggers do to me ☀️❤️

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    • :))) I just finished ‘writing’ an entry in my neglected journal (it’s been just a month). I took it outside on this beautiful Indian Summer day and had a little talk with it…..there an no plans for the neglect to continue!!!

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  8. Hi there, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you would like to check it out, or check out my blog please do at https://leavesofev.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/sunshine-blogger-award/
    I found your blog really interesting and I have followed you. As one who is exploring her own spirituality I quite enjoy the style of content that you post. It’s very original! If you find my blog interesting I encourage you to follow me back! Hope to connect with you, -Evelyn

  9. Hi Linda, what inspires you most to seek that unknowable mystery? What things do you do that put you in that place of wonder?

    • Hi Dylan! Thanks for stopping by! Nature inspires me, as do my children and grandchildren…..as for what things that I do…putting myself outside as much as possible…seeing things through my grandchildren’s eyes definitely help me see the wonder of things!!

  10. Hey Linda,
    I have seen you around in blogasphere, but I don’t think I have ever been here to your site. I love your About page! It really gives a sense of who you are. I came because I started following you today. You have been following me for a while and i really appreciate that. I saw your post with the pony first. I loved it. It reminded me of Assateague (sp?), where I have been several times. Then I find out you live there! And that things are bad right now because of the storm. Oh no! So sorry!

    So, I am glad I came, and look forward to more exploration here.

    Blessings and Peace,

    • Hi Mary, thank you for visiting following back.
      Yes, we live on Chincoteague, so we enjoy the Virginia side of Assateague. We’re getting hit pretty hard with hurricane like winds and rain at the moment. Another 12 hours or so and hopefully we’ll have seen the worst of it!!!

  11. One of the best introductions I have read! Really love the mystic theme and it is written really well.
    Also the quote … on point. Now gonna check out the rest of your blog. Have a nice day! ~Janet & Lenja

  12. I wonder if we were sisters in a past life! I too have a gypsy soul and have danced with the mermaids.
    Dragonfly landed in my life about 15 years ago when she came to me in a dream.
    I love your about page and your blog! Glad we are connected ‘sister’
    Much love ❤

  13. Hello Love your “About Me” Yes we all fall into the trap of describing our past and achievements rather than our dreams. I love the photo of you and “peanut” There is so much love in your face. I look forward to reading more. Blessings Joy

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  17. Hi Linda,
    Nice to meet you here & have really enjoyed reading your ‘about’, nice to see the statement ‘ I am Linda’ in your introduction. I am quite fond of the dragonfly, first having real contact from an inviting diary cover I bought two years ago. All the videos were lovely.
    I am quite new to blogging but so far am feeling quite energised by it.
    Look forward to further chats.
    Take care

  18. So nice to find your blog. I love your positive spirit! I am so sorry about the passing of your husband. Life is but a vapor, we just never know. I posted a poem today on my blog about that had to do with the loss of a dear friend’s husband. Maybe it will speak to you too. I am enjoying browsing through your blog and plan to look around more. Keep Smiling!

  19. What a beautiful about update Linda. I love all of it and although we have never met I feel I really have a sense of you. No better ending than Enya’s beautiful ‘Pilgrimage’ ❤️💁🏻

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