Art Journaling…Day 3

Today’s prompt: Most of us have answered to more than one name in our lifetime – be it a nickname, a pet name from a spouse/partner, or a name defining an important role in your life, such as Mom or Grandma. Create a page about one of these alternate names – whether you loved it or hated it.

I’m having a hard time pulling these together…I want to ‘feel’ it, but instead I feel like I’m falling into a deep black hole. As each day passes, the more lost I feel. I really Really dislike feeling this way……dealing with my grief along with the winter blahs is no picnic……anyway…..

My nickname….there are a choice few who’ve been calling me Sunshine for the past few years……my lights been dulled, but I’m doing my damdest to keep on shining ☀

The Beauty Of Her Soul

Is not free from scars.

It is littered with wrong turns,

Mistakes and broken promises.

The Beauty Of Her Soul

Was once tarnished and lost.

Robbed of all its luster,

Dulled of all its shine.

Yet, The Beauty Of Her Soul

Is like the rising sun.

Fueled with a burning desire,

To start each day anew.

The Beauty Of Her Soul

Is radiating from within.

Pouring forth with warmth and happiness,

Shining once again.


Art Journaling…Day 2

Today’s prompt: Think about a time in the past when you wish you’d had more information about the future. Maybe you wanted reassurance that something would work out (or not), or maybe there was advice you needed but never received. This can be about something super important or something fairly trivial. Write a letter to your past self from your current self. You can choose to write an entire letter, or just focus on a phrase or two.


With my heart wide open

And my soul aflame…

I am full of magic

And Possibility….

The light is lit from within
It’s time to set it free


Art Journaling…Day One 

So….I’m finding myself devoid of inspiration….I’m finding it hard to find words to write..I’m feeling uninspired and stuck at the moment……so I signed up to participate in 30 Days Of Art Journaling to see if I can break out of this funk. Obviously I have reasons to be in one…but I don’t like it one bit!!!!!! 

Soooooooooo…..Today’s prompt: Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories and emotions. As you think of the word home, what smells come to mind? Homemade cookies? Fresh-cut grass? Choose one of these smells and create a page about it.

Mine is pretty simplistic… art supplies are minimal at the moment…until I can replenish I’ll have to make due with what I have available..

Sea Spray on the wind

Intoxicates the senses

Elixir of the sea.


Sunrise & Dragonflies

I venture out in to the pre-dawn darkness,The air is cool against my skin.

There is a mistiness that has settled atop the marsh grasses..

The quietness is broken by early morning bird song,

And the music of the wind.

The sky begins to lighten with the rising of the sun.

As the first rays peek through the trees

And the mist begins to burn off,

I catch my first glimpse of you….

A small green silhouette against the sky..

Dancing your good morning dance..

My Morning Dragonfly….