My Morning Musing ☀

Good Morning All……it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Life has a way of getting in the way lately. I’m slowly turning this house into a home. I’m actually catching myself, while I’m out and about, thinking I can’t wait to get ‘home’ which I take as a good sign. 🏡

Slowly getting the place furnished as I help my daughter with her ‘stuff’. Last week she had surgery to remover her gallbladder so I was in nana and mommy duty…all this while they are trying to buy their own home 😬 Craziness…..though it’s keeping me busy. 

But, I’m finding myself restless to start picking up my pencil. Pick up my pen. Pick up a paintbrush.   I’m restless to write…restless to paint…….so this is my morning musing….

Wishing y’all a beautiful day…

Tree limbs


As the sky begins to lighten

Bird song erupts

Breaking the silence

As it announces 

Mornings arrival

Awakening my senses

As this new day unfurls….



My Life…Lost.


At least that’s what I thought.

I heard..their calling.

My name. Whispered.

It was The Trees.

They were calling me.

They embraced me.

These Trees.

I’ve arrived……




SunRise….A Tanka ☀

Good Morning….this is my second morning waking up in my new home……I awoke, poured a mimosa and headed out to the yard….rolled a stump to the edge of the wild brush of my property,and sat beneath the ‘arms’ of my tree……

While waiting for the sun….I tried putting my writers cap back on…….

Sunrise paints the sky

A new day is beginning

My life continues

Just as each day dawns anew

My inner light will shine bright


Sitting Beneath The Old Oak Tree 🌳

When the grief and the pain start to overwhelm me, my Soul Strolls these days, take me to the trees………where in the past, I was comforted by the song of the sea, I now find refuge sitting amongst the ‘old ones’.

Sitting beneath this beautiful Oak Tree, I found some quietude…I found some much needed peace….and a little bit of my voice.

Here I sit.

Under this big Oak Tree.

I feel her strength ,

I ‘hear’ her wisdom

Whispered in the wind.

She’s telling me

“You Are Strong”

Her leaves, they dance.

I rise,

And I dance too.

With each sway,

I feel lighter.

With each turn 

More grounded.

I have found my new home.

Amongst the trees…..



Friday. My nemesis. Friday. The day he left. Today is 29 weeks, 203 days since Jim gained his wings. I’ve been working very hard at learning to celebrate my Friday’s and not dread them. I’d say I’m 70-30 there. 


This made me smile as I remember out first ‘date’. We were two married people who knew each other from working in the same store, acquaintances, nothing more. I left the store and didn’t see Jim for almost 5 months. When we unexpectedly bumped into each other, turns out both our lives had changed. We were both separated. He said let’s go out for a burger and a beer sometime. That wouldn’t happen for another 2 months. When it did, we bought sandwiches and Rolling Rock Beer and went and sat on his friends boat. The conversation flowed easily, as we talked about out lives, our families. It was a beautiful late May Day. The sun was sparkling off the lake. We found ourselves just sitting, quietly, staring at the water as the boat gently rocked. I remember thinking in my head…This is so nice. The silence is comfortable. At some point, I had leaned into him and we just continued to sit in that beautiful quietude. 

2 people came together that day as friends looking for nothing more then conversation…we left that boat connected by something neither of us had ever experienced before. 

We would come to enjoy many many more of those silent comfortable moments………………..I have no doubt y’all know what I’m talking about. Today, I hope you’ll join me in finding and stealing some special quiet time to sit with the memory of your beloved.

I Love You Husband ❤

The picture of us below was taken by a friend last Memorial Day. I remember it well. No conversation…just the water and dragonflies and Jims hand on my arm ❤