Deciphering A Dream

Anyone out there good at deciphering dreams? If you’ve read anything that I’ve been posting, you would see a pattern. Dealing with loneliness, sadness, letting go, going back, trying to figure out the what, where, when’s and why’s of my life… I know this dream ties in with all that I’m feeling right now. Just curious to get someone’s take on it.

I woke at around 3 a.m. and jotted down what I could remember…

I’m somewhere, with people I don’t know or recognize in my awake life, yet I seem to know them in the dream. The premise that I can basically remember is that I’m the last person of this group (community) holding on to her part of what seems to be a communal dream. Everyone else has let go of their part, but for some reason, I’m holding out, not ready to move on to whatever the next ‘level’ is. The others didn’t seem upset or angry, but seemed vigilant in pressing me to let it go…….

That’s when the cats woke me up…

Photo by pixaby

Wednesday Wisdom

Was reminded of this early this morning….don’t have a clue who the author is but appreciate their words…

“Do not merely hope to live, someday, somehow. Open yourself to the beauty and goodness of this moment, and live this day. Let go of worries and fantasies about what might or might not be. Focus the full energy of your spirit on what is real and what is now, and live this day.”

My now moment #lookup