Wednesday’s Weekly Prompt..Resolutions

Funny thing. I haven’t participated in a weekly prompt in months. This morning, I was jotting down a list for 2023. Little things, some bigger things, at least for me. I stopped making NY Resolutions a long time ago as it was just a set up for leaving me feeling like a failure. Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling through WP and came across todays weekly prompt … so here’s my 2023 want-to-do-bucket list of sorts. There’s no pressure……I like that!


more God, more hoping, more faith, more stillness

more sunrises, more books, more reflecting,

more simplicity, more peace, more patience,

more listening, more conversation, more connections,

more dragonflies, more kitty cuddles, more balance

more wondering, more wandering, more walks

more writing, more painting, more creating,

more sunsets, more time in nature, more hugs

More sunrises
More writing
More creating
More dragonflies

New Beginnings (part 2)

You cannot change the past.
You can only improve on the present.”

~Michael Bassey Johnson~

The day after arriving here in Pa, it was time to move forward with selling the NC place. I’d decided to wait till the boys and I were out of the home before attempting to sell.

I reached out to a realtor who proceeded to meet my daughter at the house. She assessed my property and took her photos. I trusted her judgement on what we should put it on the market for. I was selling it ‘as is’, and while I had a number in my head, I was also realistic. She suggested almost to the dollar what I had been thinking. Good sign as far as I was concerned.

A few days after signing what needed to be signed, the house went ‘live’. It was late on a Friday afternoon. The amount of activity proved to be exciting and nerve racking… the end of the weekend I had multiple offers.

I accepted one which blessed me with more than I anticipated. Closing would take a few weeks….and the day before Thanksgiving it was all done. I truly had and continue to have much to be thankful and grateful for as 2022 comes to a close.

Closing here on my new place will be any day now….in the meantime, I’m snuggled in, grateful to be home.

Winter cheers

Wednesday Wisdom

Was reminded of this early this morning….don’t have a clue who the author is but appreciate their words…

“Do not merely hope to live, someday, somehow. Open yourself to the beauty and goodness of this moment, and live this day. Let go of worries and fantasies about what might or might not be. Focus the full energy of your spirit on what is real and what is now, and live this day.”

My now moment #lookup