Note To Self….



I ❤️ Me

Note to self: 

Remember that the only one who really cares about how I Am seen and-or viewed as is, Me – Myself and I. And you know what?! I Am Good, and each new day, I get Even ‘Gooder’! 👊😊



12 Nights Of Solstice .. Night 3

Welcome to Third Night of Solstice,

A time of traveling and following the heart path.
This is a time of connecting with your inner expression.
This is a time of finding your way between the veil,
and through the edges of time seeking assistance in the reflective surface.
Finding the gifts that will illuminate and guide you along your way to
celebrating the deep darkness and the return of the sun…
the Winter Solstice.

After My nightly soul-stroll and meditation, I found myself drawn to my paints….the gift…. a key 🗝



The Key….The Story Continues 




Today I Am Grateful..

I am a few days late but decided I needed and wanted to do this again as I wake each morning with a Heart filled with Gratitude.  



Day 1: I Am Grateful for every moment, every hug, every kiss, every smile and tear that Jim and I shared over our 14+ years together…it was an amazing journey of ups and downs, twists, turns and detours…but together, we lived an amazing life…so I’m Grateful for My Jim…for our time together and the memories I get to hold on to……all the while feeling his Spirit Live on my Heart and Soul ❤️🙏


Thank You For Loving Me 

#grateful #thankful #blessed

Today My Heart Hurts 💔

Today is 20 months…608 says….since I last saw him

Time has not stopped. The sun still rises, and I greet each new sunrise with a grateful heart. The sun still sets, and with the setting of the sun, I end my day with a grateful heart. My inbetween, well each day is different. More good days, some just ok days. The bad days, still have them….and when I do, I allow myself to feel that grief and pain and sadness………..

Today my heart hurts. I miss him. Always I Miss Him. But, I’m so grateful for these memories and the opportunity to share them..which I will do till I draw my last breath..even though there are those folks out there who think we shouldn’t, as long as I’m breathing I will talk and share my memories of my Jim……

Life is different

Without you here.


Although I can’t see you

I feel you are near….

The pain of losing you

Is one I can’t bare.


I choose to celebrate us

And the love that we share.


(Thank you FB for the reminders…a morning we spent together (3 years ago today) at ‘our’ beach’ )

Unfinished Business 📝

Well, here we are….Exercise 21 of The Sandbox Writing Challenge.

This weeks prompt is…………..

What have you left undone?

Dang, what isn’t left undone?!?

Ok…..let me see…there’s that photography coffee table book that I’ve been wanting to do for, hmmmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔 must be going on 7 years now. Then there’s my other book, the one that incorporates my words with my photos. See in the beginning, I didn’t think or believe I had anything to say or that I could possibly write, or that anyone would listen or be interested or want to read anything I had to share……….I had and still have a few cheerleaders and believers in my corner. One of those people, who was there ‘in the beginning’ is someone I care for and trust and I aspire to be like. She was a news anchor who is now, not only a published author, she is a life coach. Along with a fellow writer, they are hosting a write/publish/promote weekend in August. I’m interested, there’s no doubt about that. A weekend away and the opportunity to work with these amazing women in a beautiful serene setting would be wonderful. But I’m sitting here second guessing myself and my abilities once again. I guess I’m struggling with my own self-confidence and the fear of failure. The fee isn’t cheap. So I am asking myself-Am I worth the investment?!?

“Your Life Is Happening Right Now: Don’t let procrastination take over your life. Be brave and take risks. Your life is happening right now.” ~Roy T. Bennett~

To Be Continued……….which means I have not made a decision yet 😬