Living In The Moment ☀️

Our assignment for Writing 101 Day 16 is MINE YOUR OWN MATERIAL. Imagine a shopper searching for vintage items at a flea market, or an artist using recycled materials to build a sculpture. Can you dig through your online treasures and build upon old stories and existing writing? 

Every morning, while sipping my coffee, I start my online rounds. One of the things I enjoy checking is the On This Day feature on FB. It lets me revisit my past posts on this day, taking me as far back as to my humble FB beginnings in 2009. I have used some of my past statuses in my blogs before, so this isn’t to far of a stretch for me. This was the quote I used on this day a few years ago…..
“This instant—this one now—is always your life’s beginning, a fresh chance to start living your destiny.”  ~Unknown~

I decided to pair it with this photograph I took the other day while on my Soul Stroll.  This instant of this leaf’s life was to share its autumnal color and beauty with me. It’s nearing its end yet Is this the leaf’s final destiny?! I don’t think so, for through decomposition it will continue to live on, giving its nutrients to the soil.

I choose to live my life NOW. I’ve lived in the past, and quite honestly, that really sucked. Reliving and rehashing old wounds, the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s wasn’t going to help me or change the past. As for living for the future, waiting for that something better to happen or come along while life passes you by..been there done that to. The best thing I ever did for myself was to give myself permission to live my life in the present.  I Embrace the gift of my NOW and appreciate this moment. I’m  Living my life moment to moment, minute by minute, with a grateful heart. What is my destiny? I’m open to the journey, one moment at a time. 



Whispers On The Wind 🌾

Writing 101 Day 13: play with word count. This is new to me, so I chose to go with 2-50 word stories….


I awoke before the sun. The wind was blowing in the early morning darkness. I could hear the rustling of marsh grasses, and the early morning bird song. The world was slowly awakening, moment by moment. The sky was getting lighter, and I could hear secrets Whispered On The Wind.


With the rising of the sun, a new day has started. In the early morning light, I can see the grasses swaying and dancing with the wind. Back and forth they move as one. I see their caresses, I hear their song, being sung on the Whispers On The Wind.


My Morning Musing … Letting the scene write itself 🖋

Today’s Writing 101 Day 10 assignment is as follows: So far, we’ve found inspiration from our own experiences, images, words, and more. Today, let’s quietly observe the world around us and write about what we see.
Find a spot where you can sit and observe for at least 20 minutes: a bench at a park, shopping mall, or museum; from inside your car in a parking lot; or even a place close to home, like your front porch. Ideally, it’s a location where you can watch action and interaction in a setting (between people, wildlife, weather, etc.).


I took my assignment to the beach. My morning Soul Strolls are an integral and much needed part of my day…… They are calming and meditative…….with that said, this assignment was a bit more difficult for me, but hope I’ve done it some justice?!
Walking slowly and quietly along in the morning light,

The contrast between light and dark is evident.

I find a place to sit on the coolness of the sand.

From my resting place I can watch the clouds float by,

And listen while the crescendo of the waves hypnotize.

 The briny quality of the air is quite pleasing

to all my senses.

I lose track of time,

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

and with Spirit. 

Refreshed and renewed,

I can start my day. 



Writing 101….To Write or Not To Write 🖋

Our assignment for Day 9 in Writing 101 is to share: What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?

I’m in no way, shape or form someone who writes for a living….I am a woman who is slowly finding her voice, and enjoying the camaraderie of some amazing bloggers and writers here at WP. Your influences and your words are inspiring and I’m learning so much.

I’m slowly gaining confidence in my writing abilities. My words share my life, my world. In order for me to find the proper avenue I wish to take on any given day, I need to step away from my IPad/PC, away from the ‘noise’ of social media. The way I do that is by taking my Soul Strolls on the beach…

These little strolls help me decompress and rewind. They also inspire me. With views like this, one can’t help but be inspired! When I get back from my strolls, I’m refreshed and ready to roll.

I’ve Got A ‘Tweet’ For You…..

Today’s assignment suggests writing a response of some sort to a tweet.

Writing 101 gave us a few examples to choose from. I decided to head over to Twitter and find one of my own…………

  (Above photo via Pinterest)

I chose this specific tweet for the simple fact that it is a rainy Tuesday morning….and I always look forward to a rainy day. I love the darkened day, as my little lights shine brighter. 

On days like these, I can stay in my comfy clothes, drink tons of coffee, light some candles, listen to Enya and just be…….and we all know, into each life some rain must fall. I Am the elements, and the elements are me. Today happens to be water 🌧💦

The winds are howling

The rain is falling

A storms a’brewing

And so is the coffee 

(The first three lines came to me last night,,,just had to throw in that last line! 😄)


There is a melancholy feel to the day, but in a good way. Today is and will be a day of reflection as I remember a man whom I love and miss very much. Yes, the rain is falling, but I look to the Heavens, and let the rain wash my tears and sadness away………..Ill be dancing in the rain with you grandpa 💙