Today I Am Grateful 🙏

Day 4: I’m Grateful that …. I Listened To My Heart ❤️ and I’m still Listening to it ❤️ By believing and opening myself up, I hear Your whispers……..there will not be a goodbye because I feel you, just on the other side of the door.

Here’s some Roxette for you babe ❤️

A Little Bit Of Harmony 

Ok…..So Lady Calen, who,is presiding over us at the Sandbox Writing Challenge has posed this question to us this week…..

Imagine yourself floating among these clouds in harmony with everyone and everything. What can you do to make that happen?

So, like Rolling Blogger, the first thing that came to mind was The Seekers singing this song from the 70’s, which I happen to have on my ITunes playlist….I love the music of the 70’s!! 😊

As for answering the question of how can I make living in harmony happen?!?! Quite honestly, Damned if I know?! It seems so many are hell bent on distruction……with the chaos of our political circus in full swing…the enormous role of social media pitting one against the other…….harmony, as well as truth, seem to be words almost erased from our vocabulary these days……..seems to me that over the last few years, few months even, discord, hate and violence has become the norm 😩


I’m putting on my rose-colored glasses 😎 and I’ll continue to Believe that goodness will prevail. I will continue to smile, to be as good and kind a person as I can be, and hope the positive mojo I choose to share, causes a bit of a ripple effect….and in doing so, bring about a little bit of harmony in an often times, not so harmonious world…………..And I will Sing 😊
I Love Love Love the Little Mermaid 💚🐠

A Tuesday Morning Tanka ☀️

This morning’s tanka came about by accident. I was listening to my New Age station early one morning when the notes of a song had me stop what I was doing to see what the title was…..BRIGHT SILENCE, QUIET LIGHT by Michael Stribling.

I immediately wrote down those words, knowing I could use them……..


Soul strolling along

The silence, bright as the sun

Shines down upon me

And the quiet of the light

Wraps me in its hushed embrace