Wednesday Wisdom

Each day, I live in deep appreciation for so much, because I see, feel, sense, and know life is the most awesome journey. Living each day, moment by moment is God’s Gift to me, to us. ~LM~


I love the changing of the seasons and the colors of the marsh grasses as they start to turn… I miss my soul strolls on the beache of Assateague, but grateful for the memories .

Saturday Thoughts 💭

Was reminded of this while watching God paint the sky earlier this morning 🙌

You’ve wasted moments being unsure of yourself. You’ve wasted moments worrying about the things you have no control over. You’ve lost sleep over and have second guessed the choices you have made. You’ve worried about what this person or that person may think…..Well the time has come to realize doing all of these things is a waste of the precious moments you’ve been Blessed with……….Tell yourself your going to do more than just exist and open your eyes and your heart to the fact that living a complacent life isn’t really living ………

Soooooooooooo……….As I slowly sipped my coffee with pumpkin creamer 😊🎃 I once again made a pact with myself (one of the wonderful things about a new day is the gift of starting over)…….Today I’m going to Embrace and Thank God that I Am Alive and start living it! 🙌🙌🙌

My backyard view
Look up