Hello Spring 🌼

Our morning view…Happy Spring ☀️💛

In the quiet and stillness of the morn,
The harmonious beating of my heart
Is in sync with the universe.

On this, the first day of Spring,
With its promise of Renewal,
Rebirth and Reconnection…

I lay, wrapped in a blanket
Of warmth and light.
I surrender to the gloriousness
Of this New Day of New Beginnings…

Hello March

March’s arrival brings with it the last vestiges of a winter bound to hang on… While early glimmers of spring begin to appear.

As natures clock continues to tic, rebirth and renewal expound. After my own winter’s exile, I feel the warmth and rumblings of my own awakening…©️lindamarie

Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge… HOME

This is my story. My truth. I miss him.

It’s said you can’t go home again

How true that is for me

Cause home wasn’t a place

Home wasn’t a building

Home was You.

I resided in your heart

Your soul my blanket

When I close my eyes

I imagine my head

Still pillowed on your chest

I can still feel you……

In my dreams I can always go home…..