Hello March

March’s arrival brings with it the last vestiges of a winter bound to hang on… While early glimmers of spring begin to appear.

As natures clock continues to tic, rebirth and renewal expound. After my own winter’s exile, I feel the warmth and rumblings of my own awakening…©️lindamarie

Remember When……

“To flee to an island, or unexpectedly land on one through chance or sudden good luck, represents a fortuitous twist of fate that is a common dream.”

16 yrs ago today, Jim and I, on a wing and a prayer, and meeting the RIGHT People, jumped off the cliff of uncertainty…..and made the move of a lifetime……we made Chincoteague HOME. What an incredible journey and adventure that life together was. The pieces fell into place, we were welcomed with open arms and became a part of the amazing tapestry that makes Chincoteague so unique…….I’ll be forever grateful for the time we spent there. There’s no doubt that God’s Fingerprints were all over this adventure 🙌

The Inn is no longer standing. The swing bridge’s been dismantled. But Jim lives on in my heart. And I hold tight and am grateful for the memories and the life we shared… Chincoteague will always hold a special place in heart. ❤

Chincoteague Inn
Sunset from the Inn
The old swing bridge

Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge… HOME

This is my story. My truth. I miss him.

It’s said you can’t go home again

How true that is for me

Cause home wasn’t a place

Home wasn’t a building

Home was You.

I resided in your heart

Your soul my blanket

When I close my eyes

I imagine my head

Still pillowed on your chest

I can still feel you……

In my dreams I can always go home…..