Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge… HOME

This is my story. My truth. I miss him.

It’s said you can’t go home again

How true that is for me

Cause home wasn’t a place

Home wasn’t a building

Home was You.

I resided in your heart

Your soul my blanket

When I close my eyes

I imagine my head

Still pillowed on your chest

I can still feel you……

In my dreams I can always go home…..


Remembering Him ❤️

He’s always in my heart ❤️

This is the first year since Jim’s death that I’m not on Chincoteague. I miss him. I miss ‘our beach’. But I trust God as He leads me in the direction He would have me to go…..

It’s the anniversary of Jim’s death, his deathiversary has arrived for the sixth time. There’s no outrunning it. There’s nowhere to hide from it. My favorite season transports me back to that day six years ago that I learned what it was to grieve, really grieve.

So much has happened in these six years, yet some days it feels like Jim died yesterday. It’s hard to believe that my life could go on without him, but somehow it has. Without him I had no idea how to exist. But bit by bit, I’m coming to a place where I’m realigning and I’m moving forward. I’m throwing away all preconceived ideas of what I thought my life should be looking like six years later.

Instead, I’m trusting that God has each day of my life perfectly planned out for me till the day that I depart from this life.Today, I’m turning my grief to blessings by remembering that God is guiding my steps.

“The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Father, Thank You that there is healing in Your presence. Fill me fresh with Your Spirit and renew my heart and mind in Your truth. I release my sorrow to You, and I ask You to fill every void in my heart with Your peace and love.Thank You for my Jim’s life on this earth and the time I had with him. I know I will see him again in Your timing. I choose to give You honor and praise always. Thank You Father for healing my heart. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen