For Crow’s Sake…..

Sitting all alone

On my back porch one day

You stopped by for a visit

And you didn’t fly away…

You hung around with me that day

Your feathers iridescent in the sun

I pondered your meaning

And what was to become………..


Since I’ve moved here, I’ve been visited, almost daily by a ‘murder’ of crows….but on Friday (which was the 51st week since Jim died) I hade one lone visitor……

I’m not sure if this was a youngster who was visiting. But (s)he made him/her self right at home. Spent the afternoon under my bird feeder, foraging away, and then (s)he snuggled down….I got to thinking that maybe (s)he was hurt.

As twilight was approaching, I started to worry more so as (s)he was showing no signs of leaving….I was sitting on my back steps, sipping my wine, clicking my tongue and ‘talking’ softly to this Crow when out of the brush a Cardinal landed on top of the bird feeder…so now I’m sitting there, with the last of sunlight sinking low, with these beautiful feathered beings gifting me with their presence…..I couldn’t help but smile and Believe these were signs for me on what was day 357 since Jim died.

I did finally get up to approach the Crow. If it was really hurt and couldn’t fly, I couldn’t leave it there knowing there are foxes and cats around that would have gladly made him a meal….he hopped away a bit, seeming to have some struggle trying to get lift off…but Finally was able to take flight and make it to the top of a nearby tree…… of now, I’ve not had another visit…..but

This was an amazing Spiritual encounter. A gift.

Secrets of Crow Meaning ~

Crow is the keeper of the Sacred Law, the ancient magic and divination.

Crow is appearing for you to beckon you to begin to use your “second sight”… the silent sight, your 6th sense … the gift of clairvoyance in particular, which is the gift to see into the spirit realms.

Nothing escapes the keen sight of the Crow, both in the physical and metaphysical realms.

As the custodian of ancient magical laws and wisdom, when the Crow calls to us we have an instant flash of our authentic self, the Crow sees our soul~self, and her call echoes deep within the body as we try to remember the language that she speaks.

As we enter the new era, The Crow is bringing a message today of  “the passing” of the old, and the birth of something new!  This is a significant totem energy from the crow.

When Crow brings a message from a deceased loved one it is a profound confirmation and symbolism of rebirth for your loved one on the other side. the passing of the old and the awakening of the new.

This Blessing from the Crow comes to all that should choose to accept it.

Cardinal Symbolism. . .  The beautiful red Cardinal bird is symbolic of power, wealth, and enthusiasm. Cardinal has come to you offering you blessings in a sacred song, the song of the Cardinal is. . . feel the flow of nature and the natural rhythms of the planet and your spirit. . . fall into flow with yourself. . .  trust your power, this is your gift from above . . . emanate your true essence. . . this is the core of your power. . . fall in love with your life and naturally your spirit will shine.


HUGS Are A Wonderful Thing

The word Hug is a simple one…

But in all it’s simplicity

It packs a POWERFUL punch…

I know this for the truth that it is, as I’ve been on the receiving end of many of those unexpected, Blessed hugs. Hugs from whom I call my Earth Angels.

Here’s my story: I was in Walmart yesterday, health and beauty department. One of the gals who works there asked me about my tattoos (my ink is a wonderful conversation started 😊). As we spoke, I shared some of my story. I shared that I have an appointment soon, to get my memorial tattoo for my Jim, as I’m coming up on his year Angelversary.

As I teared up, she asked if she could give me a hug, which I graciously accepted…right there in the middle of the aisle, I was gifted with a healing hug from a stranger. She then went on to share some of her story, we hugged again and she said “see, we both were brought together this morning ’cause we both needed hugs…I needed one just as much as you did.” 😊❤🙏

It’s these little acts of kindness, that are far bigger then they really seem, that has helped me through-out this journey of mine the last 51 weeks. Each smile and hug knits another little piece of my brokenness back together. I like to think these simple acts ripple outward, as we go about our day, touching another, whether it be with a smile or a hello……..

There is Powerful ‘medicine’ in a simple Embrace. Whether we are the giver or receiver, we both walk away feeling a little bit mended. ❤🙏

I. Am. Grateful. I. Am. A. Believer.

(Hug photo via google search)

Spiritual Touch

My beautiful friend Anna shared this vision with me when Jim first passed away. The idea of his being ‘just on the other side of a door’ . This vision has proven to bring me comfort over the last 347 days.

So, When I think of Jim and where it is his Spirit ‘lives’, I envision him

being just on the other side of a door. I also envision putting my hand

on that door, and his touching the other side. Knowing one day, when it’s time,

he will open that door and be there, ready to welcome me home.

I think of you all the time.

Every moment of

Every day..

I talk to you constantly.


What you would have to say…

I do all this knowing,

Deep within my heart,

That you are out there


That we are not really apart..

Closing my eyes.

I reach out my hand.

Coldness tickles my fingertips,

I smile and understand.

This eternal overlapping of time

Is all a mystery

But our souls are woven together

They embody our history…


[photo by Pixaby]

Happy Autumnal Equinox 🍂🍁

My Favorite Season has, well almost, officially arrived..Ok…so ‘officially’ autumn doesn’t start 4:02 pm EDT … semantics 😄

I was up way before the sun……determined to welcome autumn in my own special way. Coffee and notebook in hand, I hung with my tree. 🍁

As the birds awakened and the sky was slowly getting lighter, I couldn’t help but think of all the sunrises Jim and I were Blessed to witness together…and though he’s physically not here, I feel his presence ❤

With my arms wide open

I welcome the dawn

On the first

Of this

Autumn morn..

The sky lightens

The birds they sing

Welcoming the Equinox

And the changes it brings…

The trees dance on the breeze

As the sun begins to rise

Sky gets brighter

Morning has broken

Autumn arrives…….


What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger?!?!

You’re so strong…if I had a dollar for every time that word was used to describe me over the last 341 days, I’d be rollin in some dough. There are many meanings to the word…but I chose #10 to share as I feel it probably comes closest to what people probably mean when they say it…..

{#10’s definition: solid or stable; healthy; thriving:}

Being strong wasn’t and still isn’t exactly what I’m striving for. Surviving one day at a time as best as I can was and still is my goal. It is a choice I’ve made every morning since Jim died. Does that make me strong? Stable? Healthy? Or Thriving? I don’t feel any of those things…..but, I don’t consider myself weak in any way…….

with that said……..

I do know, for me, it’s my Faith, my Beliefs, my Hope, that get me out of bed in the morning……….that and the knowing, in my heart, that Jim was the one who died, not me.. He took a part of me with him, but I know he’d want me to live. Not just exist, but to live. I’m trying to do my best with each 24 hours I’m given. I strive to be a good, kind person. I’m striving to somehow, make even the smallest of difference in others lives.

At the end of the day, before turning in with my companion Loneliness, I don’t think to myself, Linda you were so strong today, I’m thinking, I Love and Miss my husband. I’m thinking, Linda, you made it through another day. I’m thinking regardless of the grief and pain, I’m incredibly Blessed in so many ways. I’m thinking, see you in my dreams babe

Does any of that constitute being strong? I dont know…I guess it comes down to not feeling comfortable with that adjective.