On a deserted stretch of beach

I slowly walk..alone.

Loneliness escapes me

With the elements I am home.

I am one with the Earth,

The Sea and the Sky.

 Linked by unseen fibers

I do not question why.

A connection is what I feel,

I sense and I believe.

As I hear my name,

Quietly sung,

By the waves and ocean breeze.

The music of the sea

Is calling me home 

Peacefully I walk along

The shores of home, alone.



“But day by day, as I dwelled with my aloneness, my loneliness faded, and my life as
the sole creator of myself began.” ~Richard Bode; Beachcombing At Miramar

The above quote is taken from one of my favorite books, Beachcombing At Miramar; The Quest
For An Authentic Life.  I came upon this book at our little island library shortly after moving here.
The book touched me in such a way, that I had to immediately purchase a copy of my own. Needless
to say, a good portion of it is now highlighted in bright yellow. So many of the quotes and passages
spoke to me, still do.


I embrace my aloneness. I’m often asked, why do I spend so much time alone. I don’t see it so much
as being alone as being present with myself. I’m comfortable in my own company. I try to be out in
nature as much as possible, and when I am, I’m never lonely, instead I’m content. Does that mean
I don’t enjoy hanging out with friends, not at all. A good laugh with some close friends is just as much
needed ‘therapy’ as spending time alone with one’s thoughts. I just happen to be more of a loner, and
very happy to be so.