Going Back Is Helping Me Move Forward

I walked away from Chincoteague a little over a year ago. I turned and didn’t look back.

I was headed into a great unknown…..a new journey was before me.

Over that time, I discovered I had more in me then I ever knew. Yes, I am strong. Yes, I am capable.

I’ve grieved. I’ve cried.

I’m surviving…

Though I still grieve and I still cry

I’m beginning to thrive. I am alive.

Going back there, I had no clue what to expect, or how I would

feel, or what I would find.

What I found was closure…closure I didn’t even know I needed

or wanted. Visiting the place where Jim died, I felt him there.

It felt good. It felt right. I felt peace.

By revisiting the place we called home, I found a piece of myself.

A piece I’d left behind. I feel, somehow, that by rediscovering that

missing piece, I’m a bit more whole then I was…….I rediscovered feelings…feelings

that reminded me that I Am Alive. Not only am I alive, but I want to live and feel

and grow. Pretty amazing stuff…..

Getting Jim’s memorial tattoo….was way cool. In his own handwriting, he’s

Forever memorialized on me as he is in my heart.

Reconnecting with those who helped me through those first weeks also proved

to be a humbling reawakening. Seeing and talking to them, I came to find that they

didn’t necessarily ‘abandoned’ me as I thought. That will not happen again.

So, by way of taking the Long Way Home, I’ve come home to North Carolina with a new view of my life. I know there will be sad days..as Jim’s loss is a part of my life. But, he will live on in my heart and in my memories, and will be with me wherever my journey takes me.

Beach Treasure 🐚

So, a bit of a precursor to how this little ditty came about….I posted a photo I took of some ‘beach treasures’ I’d found on my Soul Stroll yesterday morning. A friend of mine commented that I Always find the best shells…my response to him was they find me…..I woke at 3 a.m….and words started spinning around in my head….got up and by the light of a night light..this is what I came up with… 😊

Walking along the shoreline

Lost in my thoughts

I cast my eyes downward 

Glimpsing the bounty the sea had brought.

Scattered before me

All across the sand


Whole and broken

Littered the grainy land…..

….and just like that

I see one

The one that’s meant for me

Though it seems I was the one looking

When it truth

It found me…..


Making The Most Of My Monday 🙃

There are good days. There are bad days. Then you’ve got those in between kinda days. You know the ones. When you can’t seem to stop dropping things, or you keep bumping into that dang table every time you walk by it. And the worse of the worse, spill your coffee!!!! YIKES! 😱

But, regardless of what kind of day it is, I keep on moving forward as I continue on this journey of mine. I pick up that which I’ve dropped. I make sure to give the table all the room it needs……and I wipe up the spilled coffee (no crying over spilt coffee!) and pour myself another ☕️
Those are the kinda days a Soul Stroll works its magic!!!!!

………….and as I move forward throughout my day, I’ll be grateful I have those things to drop. That I have a table to place each meal on…..and I’ve got my favorite 2 lb..bag of 8 O’clock Coffee to make another pot!!!