Thursday’s Tanka Musing…

My Dear Friend, Lady Calen (I call her C for short 😊), over at Impromptu Promptlings, kinda sorta ‘challenged’ me to give writing a tanka a try. So, what’s a tanka? 

noun, plural tankas, tanka. Prosody.

1.a Japanese poem consisting of 31 syllables in 5 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the others.

I decided to give it a shot while my hair was ‘baking’ aka: waiting for the color to set ☺️

Step by step I walk

         At low tide along the beach

      I release my pain

           To the power of the sea

               Peace is given back to me 


I Found A Heart 💛 

As the sun was rising in the early morning sky

I looked down

And this little shell caught my eye….

A perfect little heart

Cut out of the shell

It was a little found miracle

And it made my heart swell….

Heart’s Afire

Heart’s Aglow

My morning mantra

For my morning Stroll 💛


My Sea ….. World 🌊🌊🌊

This morning, as I was reading Lady Calen’s take on last weeks The Sandbox Writing Challenge, it got me thinking, once again, about Home and ‘My Own Little World’.

I ended up going to the beach for an unplanned Soul Stroll, and immersing myself, once again in ‘my own little world.’ 

As I strolled along…..this is what came to mind…


I know my life here is not a permanent one. Retirement is looming. Aging as well. I have no clue where the next leg of my/our journey is going to take me/us. I’d like to think that the sea will be a part of the continuation of this journey, only time will tell. But for now, I will continue to Live In My World here, and graciously accept the healing it offers me…………


Wherever I am going

Whatever road I’m on

The healing powers of the sea

Are what I’ll draw upon…….


No matter where I end up, this place will be the place that brought me ‘home’ to myself. It gave me back my self worth. It healed my brokenness. It made me whole again. And yes, the cracks remain…but that’s so my Soul can Shine on through 💛

It was a heck of a Soul Stroll…… 😊


On a deserted stretch of beach

I slowly walk..alone.

Loneliness escapes me

With the elements I am home.

I am one with the Earth,

The Sea and the Sky.

 Linked by unseen fibers

I do not question why.

A connection is what I feel,

I sense and I believe.

As I hear my name,

Quietly sung,

By the waves and ocean breeze.

The music of the sea

Is calling me home 

Peacefully I walk along

The shores of home, alone.