Face It….

It’s Thursday, which means it’s also The Black & White Photo Challenge Over At Cee’s Place….this weeks subject is Heads And/Or Facial Features (Human & Animal). Here’s my contribution…….

Feed Me!!!

Jemma’s eyes and lips 😘

Baby Blue Eyes

Brads Ooooooo Face 😄

Can You See Me Now?!?!? 👁👀

Today’s feature over at Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is Hiding and/or Camouflaged…….went searching through my archives to see what I could come up with….I think these fit the bill?!

This was the very first moose I saw on a vacation up in New England some years ago. Back then, I had a ‘thing’ for Moose and wanted to see one in ‘person’. While driving along, I had my eyes peeled when I spotted this fellow, trying to blend in…I practically jumped out of the truck while it was still moving 😄 I was able to get a few shots before a line of cars started piling up behind us. He just leisurely turned around and walked away…but I got my pic!!!


lil grasshopper

betcha cant see me

pony rest

Architecture Island Style….

Photography 101’s assignment for today – Day Twelve: Architecture & Monochrome. Here’s what I came up with for the subject….small town architecture island style.

The side of the Methodist Church

Door of the church

my (pov) of the Assateague Lighthouse

Wall of the old bank