An Open Letter To Those Who Would Diminish My Fire…

This popped up in my DayOne Journal. I posted it 2 years ago today…….2 years ago Stephanie Grays’s words spoke to me…..and they still do. I Am, for all intent and purposes, my own worst critic..always have been. So I’m posting this to my own inner critic and doubter who still lingers within. I’ve made some strides over the years, but I’m now looking at some of these reminders of past posts with ‘new eyes’, new ‘feelings’ and ‘heart’.

an open letter to those who would diminish my fire.

To whomever seeks to diminish my flame — consciously, unconsciously, maliciously, or with the best of intentions (my beautiful shadow-self included),

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for wishing me well and trying to save me or put me on the right path. Thanks also to those with an envious nature and hidden resentment, who choose to shoot invisible beams of meanness my way. Thank you, as this adds fuel to my fire… and by the way, I am just fine.

My way may not look like yours. My way may look like nothing at all. My way may even look as if I am lost or floundering, but I assure you this is not the case.

My life is precious, encompassing the good and the bad. The hard parts are welcome just as much as the fun and easy stuff are. My life is plainly ornate, small in the biggest of ways, and full in its sparsity. My life sparkles from the inside out, and it suits me.

I have days when I feel weak and voiceless… I embrace them, for I know they will come and go. I have days in which I feel on top of the world and that I am the luckiest woman alive — these are a bit easier to embrace, but they will also come and go.

I have finally figured out that all of my life has purpose, and I will no longer try to sit on the things that I feel ashamed of or that feel uncomfortable. I will allow them to teach me something I need to know. I will acknowledge that they are there for a reason.

I will allow it all to unfold in the most sacred of ways at my cold and eager feet.

I have spent years cultivating the flame you seek to cover with your well-meaning dirt. You will fail. I am no longer a woman who can be broken and molded. I am a woman on fire, and I have things to say.

~Stephanie Gray~

Day 9…BeachScape

Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape
The space(s) we spend our days in have such profound effects on us. Today’s prompt, landscape, invites you to explore your whereabouts and translate your thoughts into a poem. You could focus on the physical traits of a place you find beautiful, or on the way you interact with your surroundings at home, on the way to work, or when you’re on holiday.



I walk along the shoreline
Barefoot in the sand
Empty beach before me
Crashing waves close at hand…

Sun is shining
Breeze is blowing
Marshy scent is in the air
Delighting all my senses
It’s a true love affair.



Morning Soul Stroll..Change


Early Morning.
Waiting for the sun to rise.
The horizon is afire,
In beautiful oranges and yellows….

Wispy clouds,
Resembling wings,
Lit from below,
Glow in the pre-dawn light.

The waves,
With their gentle ebb and flow,
Hold the mysteries of the sea,
In its ever changing tides.

Like the clouds and waves,
This one ephemeral moment,
Is ever-changing.
My Moment, My Serenity, My Now.



Making Memories

This weeks topic over at the Sandbox Writing Challenge is the following…..


As Mother’s Day approaches
I have a single wish,
To have my children around me,
My grandchildren on my lap………..

The guys are in the kitchen,
Cooking up a storm,
The little ones running rampant,
Up and down the halls…..

We girls are sitting outside,
Enjoying the quiet and fresh air..
When all at once I’m surrounded,
And pulled, “Come on Nana, lets play!”

Barefoot and breathless,
We run around the yard,
Chasing each other around the trees,
Then collapsing in a heap of laughter.

We’ll enjoy a wonderful meal,
Some wine, and dessert…
Homemade cards and lots of hugs,
Blessings to many to count.

We’ll have a lovely afternoon,
Filled with love, smiles and laughs,
Making happy memories
That we’ll carry in our hearts…