Time Doesn’t Stop…Life Goes On…

The realization hits me smack in the face….it’s not that I’m not aware of it ’cause I am…..I am 12 weeks + 1 day into this new life of mine..one I wasn’t ready for. At first, they were there. Be it physically, via phone call or text, cards or letters, they were there……..and now, they’re not. With some of the reading I’ve been doing, I knew this was coming, that it was a part of the process, but in some ways it still took me by surprise. I reached out yesterday, via text, to someone I hadn’t heard from…….he responded back, until he asked me how I was doing. I think the preferred answer would have been just ok….instead I was honest and well,,,,no response. And then, it hit me, how many I haven’t heard from…..it saddened me, but I also get it………………they’ve got their lives to live, and the changes that I’ve incurred, well, I know it can make some uncomfortable,,death does that….I can understand their wanting/needing to take steps back from what’s become my reality………….but let there be no mistake…………..I am grateful to everyone who was and is a part of this journey of mine…..

Soulful Meanderings….

A morning soul stroll

With no where to go.

One foot in front of the other

Is all I know.



Today I Am Grateful……

It’s been a while since I participated in and shared all that I’m grateful for. The last 18 days have been a very surreal, yet heartbreakingly real, part of my journey. With November upon us, Thanksgiving approaching, and my need to live and find my spark of positiveness, the time is now for me to share and remember all that I have to be grateful for….

Day 1: I Am Grateful for every moment, every hug, every kiss, every smile and tear that Jim and I shared over our 14+ years together…it was an amazing journey of ups and downs, twists, turns and detours…but together, we lived an amazing life…so I’m Grateful for My Jim…our time and the memories I hold on to……his Spirit Lives in my Heart and Soul ❤️🙏

Where there are Ups,,,,,there will be downs………….


“Like the peaks and falls on a heart monitor, the valley low moments are just as much a confirmation of life as the mountain highs”……~MGD~


Isn’t that the truth!?!?! Just when you think your coasting along, BAM, the rug is pulled out from under you. My daughter
just informed me that her hubby, my son-in-law lost his job. No warning, just let go. Now, he hadn’t been happy with his
employer for some time now, and they knew it. Instead of stressing, he and my daughter are looking at it as a time of
transition….you know, when one door closes, another one opens.

It’s so easy, at times like this, to allow yourself to fall apart, wallow and ask why me. It’s times like this that make
you see what your made of, and has you appreciating what you do have. As my daughter said, “I’m just going to
hold on tight and see where this roller coaster ride is going to take us.” That’s My Girl 🙂