Animal Antics on Chincoteague

Snuck in a visit with my friend Bonnie Bebee over at the  Beebe Ranch the other day. Living on Chincoteague was truly a dream come true and befriending the Beebe’s was as well. If any of you read the book Misty of Chincoteague you’ll understand why……..anyhoo, I got to meet two wonderful whiskered gentleman, named Chip and Bill on my visit……here’s handsome boy Chip 😊


Meet Blue-eyed Chip


Chip and his momma Pearl 


Chip was playing shy boy 😊

Now here’s Bill…I do believe he likes me 🤣


That face 😊



Whispering sweet nothings in my ear….actually I think he liked the way I smelled 🤣


Apparently I taste good 🤣


I’ve still ‘got it’ lol

Back On Chincoteague

My Journey continues and my life continues to evolve as Jim’s 2nd Angelversay grows closer. In the meantime, today marks week 103 since he died…and it finds me back ‘home’ on Chincoteague. I actually arrived on Wednesday… was a beautiful day for a ride.


Driving over and under the Bay Bridge Tunnel 



So many external changes here…the house we lived in recently sold….from what I can see internal and external changes are being done. It does my heart good to see the house being taken care of and used once again to make memories….I can sit here next door where I’m staying, look over and smile knowing Jim and I lived an incredibly Blessed life there.


But the biggest changes are the ones within me…………I’m here to reminice and to celebrate my man and our life here….knowing full well that I have a new life and friends back in NC……….but oh how I miss these sunrises ☀️




Peace From The Beach ✌️




“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” ~henry david thoreau~


My Little Town…..Pony Penning Part 2

For those of you who stopped by, read and commented on my blog post yesterday, here’s a continuation….the video below is from the 2013 Pony Swim……the man who put this together did an outstanding job….I personally know many of the Cowboys, and they’re amazing people who really love these horses!!! Enjoy!!

After the swim, the ponies are rested and then walked to the carnival grounds where they’re corralled. Thousands of people will be there to view and decide on which pony they want to bid on and hopes of bringing home….

Thursday morning the auction starts at 8 a.m…..I went to one and it was enough for me…..I’m not in the market to buy a pony, and sitting there, watching and listening to the foals cry for their mamas, and the mamas ‘yelling’ for their babies, once was enough for me…..though the looks on the kids faces who bought ponies was priceless…….







My Little Town…………..Pony Penning

This week, the last of July, finds my little town in the midst of something BIG……It’s called Pony Penning. Visitors from near and far descend upon us to experience the Pony Swim, held the last Wednesday of July. All in hopes of being able to buy one of the many foals to be auctioned off on Thursday. The auction is a yearly fund raiser for our Fire Department, who actually tend to the herd.

Chincoteague was made famous by the book Misty of Chincoteague, written by Marguerite Henry. As a little girl who loved horses, it was my favorite book. Of course I dreamed of visiting this little island and seeing the famous wild ponies of Assateague, but it wasn’t to be. Life went on, I grew up, but the little girl in me never lost her love for the ponies!!!



(Marguerite Henry and Misty)

Today was the Pony Beach Walk, which is when the Salt Water Cowboys bring the Northern Herd south…they will be held in a paddock with the southern herd until the swim on Wednesday.



(Thank you CTG for this ^ photo)

And then, the day everyone has been waiting for…the swim. This year it’s going to be an early swim as the ponies swim the channel at slack tide and it will be between 7-9 a.m. Thousands will be on hand to witness the 90th swim!


I got to finally live my dream, by not only seeing the Pony Swim by boat, but I’ve come to call this wonderful place home…






Now, as a ‘come here’ who calls this island home, July is a blessing and a curse…lol  It seems each year more and more tourists converge on the island and it’s impossible to get around!!!! It’s craziness and chaos,,but in a good way!!!