My Friendship With The Sea 🌊

My beautiful friend Raili, over at Soul Gifts, is keeping The Circle Of Friends going…though, instead of a weekly prompt, it will be mid-monthly ……she’s given us some interesting prompts and ideas for this months challenge……I was having a hard time till I read something she wrote to Lady Calen:  The friendship context in this theme extends beyond friendships with people to include – well, everything. Our friendships with the earth, with the animals, with nature, with society, with infrastructures………when she put it that way…the most obvious answer came to me…..

My Friendship/Kinship with the sea..

My soul strolls are an important part of my life….whether it’s the beach or a trail…BUT…..The sea plays a major role in my everyday life…she touches me in all aspects of it…My spiritual health, my emotional/mental well-being as well as my physical self….

She’s ‘There’ for me…….

She is my friend……

I know she’ll listen without fail

She won’t interrupt me in order

To tell her tale…..

I can unload, the load I carry

Whether it’s happy or sad

Angry or stressed out

Or just a mixed bag…

Regardless the weather

She’s always there

With just the right ‘answers’

That handle me with care………


Holding a shell upon my heart, I say Thank You for listening….for hearing…and responding 🐚

Circle Of Friends…I’m My Own Best Friend

This is the last week of SoulsGifts…Circle Of Friends. Raili will be continuing the series as a once a month challenge for this is us so inclined to continue. This weeks theme ………

In this last week of May the theme is about friendship with the Self. That’s right – your friendship with yourself! Here’s some suggestions you might want to consider to get those creative juices flowing:

How do you show yourself that you’re friends? Where in your mud map do you sit? Are you a special friend? Have you ever given yourself a gift? Is there something unique about your friendship with yourself?

 I believe, for the most part…I Am a pretty good friend to myself….Now. There was a time I berated myself, beat myself up and just didn’t like myself very much….Wishing I was anybody but me…..but that was then, this is now And I like the person I am today, actually I Love Me! ❤️😄

Nowadays, I do put myself at the top of the heap ( yes, I do feel a teeny tiny bit selfish saying that, but just a little) but I also know how important it is!!! How do I do that…I make time for me, myself and I. Just ‘us’ (me). I take my soul strolls…I’m taking better care of myself by eating better, exercising daily…When I look at myself in the mirror these days, I’m thinking I’m wearing 53 just fine 😊 and remind myself every day that……

And some of the bestest gifts I ever gave myself ……. permission to say No And getting rid of the toxicity in my life via relationships with certain people………bottom line, love and acceptance of self is one of the most loving things you can give yourself ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My Unique Friendships … Circle Of Friends

This week, over at SoulGifts….Circle Of Friends, Raili poses the following …This week’s theme invites you to share your most unique experience of friendship. What moment, memory, experience, person comes to mind?………

Raili’s ‘swans’ brought back a happy memory of ‘friendship’ for me that I feel fits this weeks ‘unique’ experience of friendship…..and my memory also includes a swan….a swan I named Herbie.

In the middle of sixth grade, we once again were packed up and moved to another town, another new school. This move meant I had to leave the lake behind..the boating and fishing that occupied my time. What was I going to do with my time?!  How would I cope!? We then pulled up to this old, yellow, little house, the paint peeling off the wooden siding, the yard overgrown with knee high grass…..I saw all these things for a second…because there in front of me, right across the road from where I would be living, was an enormous pond…water was still going to be a part of my small existence!!!!

this isnt the exact house, but the color is darn close (photo via goodle search)

I could have cared less about the sleeping arrangements,,,I just wanted to grab my pole and tackle box. Needless to say, I did have to partake in the unpacking ritual (once again). With this move, I was able to bring my puppy Ash and my cat Fluffy…….so not only did I have a place to fish, I had my best friends too……Ash was cute as a button and my Fluffy, the bestest friend any girl could ask for. She got me through many unhappy moments.

Me and Ash


Changing schools again….totally sucked. I was a scared, introverted girl who didn’t/couldn’t talk to people. I was different, and I knew it. The other kids only knew I was loner, not that they could understand why…..thankfully most just left me alone…..all I wanted to do was get through the day so I could get home, get my pole and fish. The pond was stocked with sunnys and bluegill and I eventually would find out they also stocked it with trout…..I didn’t care about all that, just being able to cast my line and sit with my dog, I was happy……though Ash and I caught our share of fish!!! 

Then one day, I noticed a swan. Sure there was the Canadian Geese who stopped in, a few ducks, but never a swan. I ran inside, got some bread and started to feed him….and that’s how my friendship with Herbie began. Everyday, rain or shine, I could go outside, call his name, and no matter where he was, he’d fly or swim to me. I can remember one particular day, it was drizzling rain, and I decided to take a walk around the pond…I was crying and upset,,,,Herbie swam with me the whole way around while I walked and talked…he listened. Nobody else could get him to come to them…my sisters would try, but for whatever reason, I was the only one he seemed to listen to………..which made me feel special. My sisters and their friends would tease and make fun of me..”Linda’s only friends are her animals”, which was true….but they shut up the day Herbie crossed the street and came looking for me ☺️. I was sick, and hadn’t been outside for a few days…my mother had come home from somewhere and said I had a visitor…Herbie was in the driveway!!!! 😄

Herbie and my pond!!

We lived there for 2 1/2 years……right before we moved, Herbie disappeared….and sadly, so did my pup Ash and cat Fluffy……but, like my dog Buffy, Poem About Buffy …my ‘friends’ got me through the rough stuff……

Gifts Of The Heart ❤️

Today I’m tackling Raili’s Circle Of Friends Challenge. This week challenge subject is Friendship & Gifting….and she poses the question……Have you ever received a precious, priceless gift from a friend? Or given one yourself? What was it, and what made it so special? OR imagine gifting something priceless to a friend. What would you choose and why?

[photo via pinterest]

It’s Gifts Of The Heart

That touch me so…

A hug…

A kind word…

An unexpected card in the mail…

For me…’s the knowing that at some random moment in time, I crossed another’s thoughts in such a way that they took the time to let me know in their own unique way……and I Love to do the same……..

My way is little cards and photos…books and bookmarks…..for one gal its sunshine I send, another it’s butterflies, still another it’s Entenmann’s donuts.

In return…

I’ve been Blessed with dragonflies showing up in my mailbox,…and I can’t tell you how many times a text of hearts and flowers will pop up just when I need it,,no words are needed….

[photo via pinterest]