Daily Post Photo Challenge…..Quest

This is in response to the Weekly Daily Post Challenge. This weeks subject is QUEST.


This journey of mine started years ago,

To find the me I’d lost.

Where to look, I did not know,

But I’d look, no matter the cost.

Because the Me I’d lost mattered.

She deserved to be found.

She deserved to find her voice,

She deserved to stand her ground.

Funny thing, this writing.

It took me to a place.

A place deep inside myself,

A place I knew was safe.

As the words started flowing,

Stronger I became.

This journey was healing,

I would never be the same.

Each new discovery,

Found me stronger then before.

Facing the demons of my past,

I was finally closing the door.

Where will I end up?

I haven’t the faintest clue.

This journey of mine is a process,

And I will see it through………

Through to an end,

I can’t foresee.

But I’m grateful, non the less.

The future lays before me,

As I continue on my quest.