Music in 4 Words….

Somehow I missed Fimnora’s Monday Music Medicine Show focusing on the following words…….

Smooth: I give you Chris Botti 🎷

Raunchy:  I give you Paula..they can dance!!!!

Light: I think Sun.. I give Kenny

Hard: Chicago…love me some Peter Cetera!

It’s Freaky Friday…Freak Out!

I Love this Girl!!! I wish I had had the guts way back when to embrace my ‘inner freak.’ I kept her hidden for way to long………it was empowering and freeing once I stopped worrying about what others would think and embraced my #truth………and that moment when you know you’ve arrived?! When you pre-teen granddaughter says to you..”Nana, your weird in a really good way, and I like it!!”  😜

It’s been a while since Ive Raised My Glass 🍺  

Fair warning,,,there are some expletives in this video…watch at your own risk! 

…..and to mix it up a bit….lets go old skool and dance to a bit of Le Freak by Chic! (I’m showing my age here! lol)