I knew exactly where I was going with Harula’s GLADvent Prompt. Here is today’s word and quote…..(Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how Animals have shown up in your life recently. What kind of animal(s)? Wild or pets? If you spoke to them, did they answer back?)

ANIMALS: “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though – that’s the problem.” ~A.A. Milne~

Now, I know I’m taking liberties here..but those of you who know me, know exactly where I’m going and coming from by choosing The DRAGONFLY. They’ve been bringing me messages for quite some time, but never so much as they did this past summer…..little did I know that the changes they were conveying to me would be so drastic……the first poem is one I wrote in April after finding the blue-eyed beauty on the beach….

November Dragonfly was written for My Jim ❤️

Dragonfly Dragonfly

You came to me…

Bringing me Comfort,

Peace And Serenity.

Your message delivered.

Your touch I still feel.

Your time with me short lived,

But your impact was real.


November Dragonfly

November Dragonfly

An afternoon stroll

Thoughts of you on my mind

Tears began to fall

Cause you left me behind….

Found myself by the lake

Sat a spell on a rock

Looking up at the sun

I knew I’d be asking a lot…..

Though the sun was shining

The November air was cold

To think a dragonfly would be near

I couldn’t have foretold…

A few moments later

It was apparent to me

You heard what I was asking

You heard my crying plea….

For there appeared before me

A beautiful dragonfly

Telling me your with me

And to please not cry….

You stayed with me a while

While my tears they did dry

Replaced by a smile

For my November Dragonfly….


Today I Am Grateful 🙏

Today. 5 weeks. 35 days. 840 hours. But who’s counting? 

Day 18: I’m Grateful for once again, November Dragonflys. Yesterday, they came to me once again. Giving me HOPE. I’m clinging to that hope and my beliefs, especially now. Seems like I may be hitting some brick walls. 

A beautiful November day..
Sunlight streaming down.

Grasses dancing with the wind

Leaves blowin’ around.

Another chance encounter

With my November Dragonfly

He gives me peace and comfort

Proving there’s really no goodbyes.


Today I Am Grateful

I had a really rough night last night…quite honestly I didn’t think I was going to be able to continue finding things to be grateful for…….but I woke, the sun was shining and it’s a beautiful morning. It got me thinking……and then something popped up. 

Day 16: I’m Grateful for my journey….even this time, the most painful I’ve had to deal with…cause the pain reminds me of all the love………..

“I believe that life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel, but we are well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and allow them to blossom.” ~Les Brown~

..and the Dragonflies came. I BELIEVE

I Knew…(Dragonfly Song)

It’s been 9 days since you left me….Surreal it still seems. I’m existing..I’m staying strong…but I’m missing you terribly.    

2 a.m-these words came to me……

I Knew……..

The Dragonflies were hanging around
With messages for me…

I knew that within those messages

That changes were to be…

I knew down deep, something was happening

Of course I couldn’t foresee…

I assumed you were included

But that wasn’t to be..

I know you are Physically gone

In My heart You remain

As I embark on my new journey 

Knowing nothing is the same..

I take strength in knowing

You are now guiding me along….
I’ll see you with our grandparents

In my Dragonflies song.

Sunrise & Dragonflies

I venture out in to the pre-dawn darkness,The air is cool against my skin.

There is a mistiness that has settled atop the marsh grasses..

The quietness is broken by early morning bird song,

And the music of the wind.

The sky begins to lighten with the rising of the sun.

As the first rays peek through the trees

And the mist begins to burn off,

I catch my first glimpse of you….

A small green silhouette against the sky..

Dancing your good morning dance..

My Morning Dragonfly….