He Came To Me In A Dream

Good Morning All……….I woke this morning with an extra skip in my step. Last night, Jim showed up in a dream. Very vivid. Very real. His timing has always been spot on. When he was alive, he could read me like a book. He Always knew the right thing to say…………so while sipping my morning coffee, I quickly jotted this down. Trying to capture the moment as best I could……..

I Needed You…..

And don’t you know,

You showed up in my dream

Last night.

You smiled and said hello…

You said you were just fine

And that I would be fine, too.

Because we both believe,

I know this is true.

We hugged so tightly

I didn’t want to let go.

But I felt you slipping away

And my tears they did flow….

I woke myself up

My face still wet with tears

But a smile was on my face

Because I know he’s near….

He’s with me always,

He’s my guiding light.

All I need to do is whisper him name

And I’ll be alright….


Art Journaling…Day 4

Today’s prompt: Create a page featuring a list of the things that made you happy as a child that STILL make you happy today.

My list is short……there are just two things…horses and books.

I actually did a blog about it 2 years ago,,before I had any followers on WP…She Dreams of Horses

Anyway,,,,sitting here, pulled out my pad and pencil

My Dream ✨

Woke up early this morning, fresh from a dream………

You came to me this morning,

Yes, it was only a dream…

But what a surprise to ‘see’ you,

You were so real, it seemed.

I lifted my head,

There you were,

In your arms I ran……

I breathed you in,

And then I cried,

“I’ve missed you so,”

You looked down at me,

You grinned.

I told you that I speak to you

Each and every day..

You replied, 

“Yes, I know,

I hear every word you say.”

You said “I’ve been waiting

For this moment for a while,”

You squeezed me tight

More tears fell,

Yet we both wore smiles.

I woke up from that dream,

My face still wet with tears.

Feeling calm and peaceful

Then I whispered a little prayer.

You Gifted me a visit

A Blessing, I Believe.

Knowing you hear and listen

Grandpa ,

Means the world to me.


Friday’s Musing

I woke up this morning

With one thought in mind..

These dreams Ive been having

Are from my heart and soul combined…

It’s their way of speaking to me

Urging me along…

Towards moments that make my heart sing

My own Spiritual song….

There’s magic in the music

That I’m hearing in my heart…

My Soul is shining brighter

As this journey of mine starts….

These moments I’m embracing

For they’re meant to be lived Now…

Its magic and its wonder

That are my seeds to sow.



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I’ve A Hankering For a Huge Slice Of Gypsy Pie…

A beautiful, sunny, yet cool day for playing in the Sandbox Writing Challenge. This one was a no-brainer for me…..Calen put forth the following…..

In a word….WANDERLUST BABY!!!!! ☮



The hunger that I’m feeling

Has nothing to do with food..

It’s a craving that runs deep inside

One that can often be misconstrued…

I try to ignore the hunger pains

In hopes they’ll just go away…

But even when they do subside

Their presence still remains…

For running deep inside of me

Through my veins and through my soul….

Is a craving and a hunger for

Hitting the Gypsy Road…

A huge helping of Wanderlust

Is what I’m wishing for….

Side order of VW Bus

Peace Out, I’m out the door!!!  ✌️


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I used to feel guilty about my want and need for adventure,,for always having that itch to pick up and go. Not anymore. I still have that itch, and dam I want to scratch it, and maybe the time will come when I can. In the meantime, my imagination, my dreams, my books, Pinterst boards and fellow bloggers help keep that hunger abated.