Changing Things Up 

Via an old school friend, I was introduced to this very cool app…SuperPhoto. It lets you change up your photographs…..I’m hooked on the ‘painting’ feature…….check it out! 😄

“I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.” ~Frida Kahlo~

“I paint the spirit and soul of what I see.”  ~Brian Froud~



Just For Fun…

It’s week 2 of Cee’s Oddball Challenge. I don’t participate in this one every week as I don’t always have something to offer or share,,,but I have a few this week that I pulled from my archives that I think fit the bill?!

First up is a pic I took while walking in the woods when I lived in Pennsylvania….this half buried tire.


Next, this squirrel, who likes Jif Peanut Butter almost as much as me…I’d stick my head in the jar to get every last bit if it would fit! LOL


And last, while driving around, came across this sign..


Saturday Serenade..🎤

My friend Jeremy over LongDistanceLoveBombs❤️💣, and who happens to be a very Cool Guy, shared a post on FB last evening inviting us to check out friends of his, a group called GRIZFOLK. I wasn’t sure what to expect, what the heck is a GRIZFOLK anyway?!  I went. I listened. I liked. I downloaded…sitting here listening and thought I’d give them a SHOUT-OUT! ENJOY!

This was the first song I listened to and downloaded….

Next came this one….hell, you can’t go wrong with a song title like Bob Marley!

And this one just sealed the deal and I ended up with the whole album! 😄