Sitting On A Park Bench 

This weeks Sandbox Writing Challenge asks us to imagine an old man sitting on a bench and to….Imagine this man telling you something important, something you need to hear. What is he saying? When I read this weeks challenge, my thoughts immediately went to my grandfather….so, that’s the route I’ve decided to go…..

Grandpa was sitting on the

Bench next to me

No words were being spoken,

His hands upon his knees.

When all of a sudden,

He started to speak.

In his soft gravely voice

He said to me…

“I don’t know what’s going to happen

Between now and Christmas, and

Quite honestly, I don’t give a hoot.”

“All I want is to be with my Alice. 

To laugh and be like we used to.

I miss her so much, she’s 

Where I want to be.”

“Lin, don’t worry or listen to

What others will say….do

What’s best for you and

You’ll find your way.”

“You will meet the one for you,

And when you do..

Be like Alice and I,

The 2 musketeers 

And let the world go by.”

“Others may not understand

And some won’t quite get it…

That’s not for you to worry about

It’s your life, so live it.”

My Grandpa did say these things to me, in a letter he wrote to me about 2 months before he passed away. He knew my marriage wasn’t a happy one. His wish for me was to know the kind of love he and my grandmother shared. I cannot remember a time they weren’t together. Her passing was extremely hard on him. He would live another 5 years before meeting back up with her. As painful as it was for me to say goodby, it makes me happy to think of the two of them back together,,watching over me…..
I believe he had a hand in my meeting Jim…we like to say our grandfathers brought us together while enjoying a stein of beer…2 old Germans playing matchmaker 🍻

Regardless of the how, I am Blessed to be with my ‘musketeer’, and we both use our grandparents as examples As to how we live and love. 

alice & joe aka 2 musketeers


Blogging 101…Day 9…Building on a comment

I received todays assignment last night, and I knew right away which comment I wanted to expand on…..

When I came across ONE FIFTY’s blog post titled Searching for My Grandfather in the Pages of his College Textbook I was immediately drawn to it.

The reason is very simple. I love and miss my grandfather ever day. When he passed, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to take something of his from his room. I chose his Bible. I keep it on my night stand. I place my hand on it every morning when I wake up, and every evening when I turn in, and tell him I love and miss him and grandmother. I know he’s with me always. It’s old and torn and has no binding left. So I keep it held together with a piece of twine. There is a bit of writing on the inside, though I have no idea who’s it is or if it pertains to my grandparents. Pressed between the pages was my grandmother’s corsage. His mass card is also between the pages. Sadly, there was no mass card for my grandmother.




Monetarily, there is no value. But for me, it’s priceless. I hold my memories of him/them close.