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For me, accepting ‘what is’ at this moment in my Now, was (is) when my True Growth began. Coming from a place of Gratitude, I am Grateful for how far I have come in my journey, for the Gifts and Blessings in my life, for my Memories. With a Grateful Heart, I continue to grow from a place deep within, where my deeply cultivated roots can continue to flourish and blossom into something more.

Trust had to occur in order for Transformation to happen. While consciously disentangling myself from my pre-conceived ideas of what my life is (was) supposed to look like, I put my Trust and opened my Heart to my Creator, and continue to do so, Trusting Him and my journey.

For me, Acceptance has brought its own form of Contentment. With a Grateful Heart, I will continue to ‘turn over’ tend’ and ‘fertilize’ the Garden of My Soul, with Love in my Heart…………

a new haircut and color thrown in for good measure keeps my transformation fresh 😊 (I’m channeling my inner JOY, from the Pixar movie Inside Out 😆) 



Joy courtesy of doublemesh




Note To Self….



I ❤️ Me

Note to self: 

Remember that the only one who really cares about how I Am seen and-or viewed as is, Me – Myself and I. And you know what?! I Am Good, and each new day, I get Even ‘Gooder’! 👊😊


Goodbye November..Hello December

Goodbye November…..

While many of us use the month of November to be more active and mindful in the Grateful and Thankful dept…I do make it a daily practice year round. I shared a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving meal with ‘my tribe’ of widows/widowers. I then spent a quiet Thanksgiving (my third without Jim) home alone…by choice. While I’ve been spending countless hours with my widow family as well as my daughter and her family, all of which I am Grateful and Thankful for, my solitude has taken a backseat. Add to that that I actually got a job (albeit it was short lived as it wasn’t a good fit….but I proved to myself I could do it!) Needless to say, the last few weeks of November I’ve felt my emotional well-being depleting itself day by day, I’ve felt lost and even confused and not liking any of it one bit. I realize it’s time I go back to ‘my basics’ before I find myself spiraling…….


My Tribe


Hello December….

With you, I’m going to get myself back on Linda’s Track. I need to make time once again for just me, myself and I. To reconnect with myself through my meditation practice as well as making time to write and paint again. All these things have taken a back seat of late and I miss them. I need to find a Balance that feeds all my needs, while I continue to grow. As I’m writing this, I realize that Balance has never been my forte…as I tend to go all in on something a hundred miles an hour,  in a hundred directions to boot, no wonder I’m out of sorts! Maybe Balance will prove to me my Word for 2019?!




Calen, over at Impromptu Promptlings, thank you for sharing Harula’s GLADVENT POST. I’m jumping on board. Last month, my first November without Jim, I chose to share things I’m Grateful for. I think this is a great way for me to enter my first December without him.


“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”  ~Steve Maraboli~


When Jim passed away on October 14th….I was stunned, numb, in shock. The next day, my island community came out and surrounded me with their love and KINDNESS. Be it a hug, food, a shared memory. Be it taking my hand and leading me in the direction I needed to go. Their outpouring of KINDNESS left a lasting impact on me. Jims death has forever changed me, but so has the love and KINDNESS of Family, Friends and Strangers alike. I’ve said it from the beginning of this journey, that the KINDNESS of everyone has helped my healing process, and for that I’m eternally GRATEFUL. 

My Island Family

Love these ladies