Today I Am Grateful 🙏

Day 10: I’m Grateful for my grandfather in Heaven. Along with grandma, you’ve been watching and guiding me for quite some time. Your presence I feel always……I always knew deep in my heart you approved of Jim, now he’s hanging with you all of you……with that kind of guiding force surrounding me, I find it easier to get through my days ❤️ 

I. Love. You. ❤️

Happy Birthday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Someone’s Now A Teenager 😱


Your turning 13 today,

A beautiful young lady I see.

Changes are happening,

How can it be?

It wasn’t that long ago,

You were a little girl,

In pretty dresses and bows.

Now it’s cell phones 

And anything goes! 

No matter how old you are,

No matter where I’ll be,

You will Always be my little girl

My Beautiful Sweet Pea ❤️

Happy Happy Birthday to my TEEN of a granddaughter ❤️❤️❤️