JimS Words 🖊

Today it’s 42 Days…6 Weeks…….1008 hours 😔 

Love and Miss You Husband

So, I was going through my things, looking for my little white lights to decorate ‘my little space’ and I came across a folder. In that folder I have poems and notes that Jim wrote to me over the years………..I pulled out one of his writings, this one dated June 26, 2008 that I’d like to share with all of you.


The Mystery Of Life can not be more clearly explained then by

comparing Human Life to an Ocean Wave.

Human Life begins as does the Ocean Wave, mysteriously beyond

the horizon and out of sight.

Yet, from the time of their creation, we know they exist. In their

infancy they are recognized as a miracle, a gift from our Creator

and watched with awe.

As they grow, they are affected by the elements and forces of

nature which cannot be; controlled, contained and at times


In maturity, they can be warm and gentle or cold and forbidding:

productive or destructive.

As they pass maturity, they both strain to hold on to their 

individuality and existence.

The Wave, after crashing onto a beach, surges in a froth, spreading 

more and more slowly until it can no longer continue, in ‘death’, it is 

forced to retreat back to the Ocean, its universe, to be reborn as a 

new Force Of Nature.

Man, when no longer able to sustain a worldly existence, in death, 

retreats back to his universe to be reborn as a new Force Of Nature.

All Life Is Precious and All Life Is Eternal.