2020 Home Photo Challenge

2020 Home Photo Challenge

Didn’t wander outside today….my Philip is recouping from surgery. A routine neuter became a bit more when it was discovered that he was suffering from Cryptorchidism

Recovery has been slow, but I believe he’s finally turning a corner.

“Kittens will make your sad go away. ~David Wong 


My Life…Lost.


At least that’s what I thought.

I heard..their calling.

My name. Whispered.

It was The Trees.

They were calling me.

They embraced me.

These Trees.

I’ve arrived……




He Was My Home

It’s said you can’t go home again

How true that is for me

Cause home wasn’t a place 

Home wasn’t a building 

Home was You.

I resided in your heart

Your soul my blanket

When I close my eyes

I imagine my head 

Still pillowed on your chest

I can still feel you……

In my dreams I can always go home…..


There’s No Place Like Home….Writing 101 Day 3

Today, our assignment was to pick one of six word prompts…..I chose Home.


For some, that small, 4-letter word conjures up images of white picket fences, apple pies cooling on the window sill, children playing on a tire swing in the yard. A ‘Leave It To Beaver’ existence. It’s a nice thought, but not reality. At least not mine.

Thinking back, we never had a permanent residence. We moved around, a lot, never staying in one place long enough to plant roots, forge friendships or feel connected. I was a loner. I hated the fact that we never had a true place to call home, that we lived like vagabonds. I wanted to be ‘normal.’ Little did I know or understand at the time, that I never was or would be ‘normal’…..and truth be told, as I grew up, I came to realize I was not like other kids, that my story was mine and not like anyone else’s, and ‘normal’ was and is highly over-rated!

My home, my true home, was inside of me. It was where I could go to be myself. It was where I felt safe. Of course, as a young child/teen I didn’t appreciate or understand at the time that I always was Home.

My journey, both physical and emotionally, has taken me in many different directions over the years. My physical homes have changed many times, from small homes, to big, log cabins to sleeping on a friends floor. But Home, My Real Home, deep inside, is warm…it’s safe…it’s my haven. Of all the definitions of home: a place of refuge is the one that speaks most to me. No matter where in life I end up, I’m always HOME.

My humble, sad beginnings are part of my story. They are part of my Home. I also grew to realize that there was/is gypsy in my heart, my soul. I am a wanderer, a seeker. Clicking those ruby slippers may have worked for Dorothy, but for me,,,,I’d rather go barefoot!!!  My Home travels with me, where ever I go.

So…..for me this little, widely used quote, sums it up……