Here We Go……

Well,,,it’s that time of year again….school starts. Tourists leave (I’m happy dancing!) and the biggie..hurricane season is upon us……this was just posted on our towns FB Page..


The Town of Chincoteague’s Emergency Management Team continues to monitor local weather conditions and forecasts.

 The Town is currently monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Hermine and the National Hurricane Center’s forecast. The possibility for northeast winds, heavy rains, and moderate tidal flooding exists starting late tonight through Monday morning. 

Winds are forecasted at 30-40mph from the NE and gusting to over 50mph at times through Sunday night. Rains will be heavy at times with accumulations between 3 and 5 inches. Tidal flooding at moderate levels may occur Saturday evening through Monday morning.

Residents and visitors are reminded to be aware of low lying areas, do not drive through standing water, and secure loose outdoor items for this event. 

There is the possibility for power outages, downed trees, and road closures.

Currently, the track of the storm will have effects on Chincoteague Island and citizens are urged to take this opportunity to also prepare. 

Preparedness should include securing loose outdoor items; having enough medications for at least one week for any medical needs; ensure that your vehicles are fueled and have cash available as fuel pumps and ATM’s will not work if the power should fail. Have enough non-perishable food and water to last for at least 3-5 days. Have fresh batteries and flashlights available. Also, do not forget supplies for your pets.

VDOT will monitor the causeway and will notify the Town approximately one hour prior to closing, should that be necessary. The Town will notify citizens by our reverse 911 system and other media outlets. 

Please monitor local media outlets,, also, like us on Facebook for updated information.

Authority-Chincoteague Emergency Management

So… to the store I went……had to get my essentials!!



Can you say pumpkin creamer 😊🎃



a must have 🍷🍷

..another must have during storms!!!

In all seriousness, we’re as ready as we can be. Generator on standby ✔️ Batteries✔️  bottled water✔️  TP ✔️  When hubby gets home, we’ll secure the yard…fill the bathtub with water (there is nothing worse then being without power and not being able to flush!) 😁

Love life on an island!!!!



Opher,I hope these will do in a pinch?! 🍷


Silly me,,forgetting the chocolate! 


Riding The Storm Out….

“I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild; when it is quiet and serene; when it is dark and moody. And in all its moods, I see myself.” ~Martin Buxbaum~


Drove out to the beach just after sunrise this morning….and this is what greeted us…..Looks like Joaquin may blow out to sea, but the coastline is still going to feel his effects!!

In the meantime, the hubster just got home from work. He was told to leave as high tide is almost upon us, and the causeway could possibly be shut down do to over wash….gotta love life in an island! And we do! ☔️🌊

….and because it is Friday and we need a little music….here’s to all of us on the East Coast who are RIDING THE STORM OUT!! Be Safe! 

The Calm Before Joaquin……💦

Well, it’s ‘that’ time of year….hurricane season is upon us, so we’re battening down the hatches and preparing for Joaquin…

We’ve weathered a few storms since moving here…..evacuation is always a possibility, though we chose to stay with our house through the last one. We have a dog, and the shelters that were set up off island didn’t allow pets, so we chose to sit out the storm with our house and dog. Obviously we’ll be paying attention and hope for the best….

So, the big question is, how hard are we going to get hit…nobody knows….In the meantime, we’ve got gas for the generator, plenty of fresh water, batteries, t.p….important papers are in a waterproof tote….cash in case ATM’s are down. And there is plenty of beer and wine (it’ll be a hurricane party if Joaquin is downgraded..always an excuse for a party!). In the meantime, I’ve got stuffed pepper soup in the crockpot and homemade rolls rising…………..may as well eat good while we wait and see what Mother Nature and Joaquin are cooking up for us here on the Easten Shore…….

…..I drove out to the beach, not much left and Joaquin is still a day and a half away….but the sea is angry….

I took the video and pictures from my truck…there isn’t much beach left between the ocean and parking lot 😞 Depending on how bad the storm gets, Assateague will shut its gates……here’s hoping Joaquin weakens instead of strengthens!!