Happy Thanksgiving 🙏

This Thanksgiving will be difficult and very different for me. But I’m also aware of how incredibly Blessed I am. I will shed my tears, but they will be shed with a Grateful heart……for I am Blessed with a Love that transcends time and space. Yes I mourn, but I also celebrate.

So, this Thanksgiving, I will be surrounded by my son and his extended family. I will be embraced and comforted. Together we will share a meal, remember those not with us, share and make memories….and we will be Thankful.

I am Thankful for all of you. Your kind words, thoughts and prayers let me know I’m not alone while I navigate these uncharted waters I find myself in. My emotions, they ride the waves, and I let them flow. My pain is real, but my love is stronger ❤️

“I am opening my heart to the world, a heart that is slowly coming back together”

Love You Husband ❤️

Today I Am Grateful 🙏🌲

Day 14: I’m Grateful for the Healing Power of Trees 💚
They’re an amazing source of healing for this gal. 🌲 Life here is a major change from life on the island. This much needed change is and will continue to aid me as I work on healing and moving forward on this journey of mine……

“Approaching a tree we approach a sacred being who can teach us about love and about endless giving. She is one of millions of beings who provide our air, our homes, our fuel, our books. Working with the spirit of the tree can bring us renewed energy, powerful inspiration, deep communion.”   ~Druid Tree Lore and the Ogham~

Today I Am Grateful 🙏

Day 11: I’m Grateful we were/are a ‘We’ …. an ‘Us’

It’s been one month, 28 days since you went home. I miss you more than ever. Yet, because of the love we share(d) I still see the beauty in a dying leaf. When the warmth of the sun touches my face, I feel you and I smile. And yesterday, on a cold November afternoon, tears in my eyes, I sat at the lake. Though I knew it was silly to think you could send me my muse…you did just that…….


November Dragonfly

An afternoon stroll
Thoughts of you on my mind
Tears began to fall
Cause you left me behind….

Found myself by the lake
Sat a spell on a rock
Looking up at the sun
I knew I’d be asking a lot…..

Though the sun was shining
The November air was cold
To think a dragonfly would be near
I couldn’t have foretold…

A few moments later
It was apparent to me
You heard what I was asking
You heard my crying plea….

For there appeared before me
A beautiful dragonfly
Telling me your with me
And to please not cry….

You stayed with me a while
While my tears they did dry
Replaced by a smile
For my November Dragonfly…..



I’ll be forever grateful to you, my husband, for sharing the beauty of your soul with me. My promise to you is to continue to see the world through ‘our’ eyes, and always, always Believe ❤️

Day 3: I Am Grateful 🙏

For today……

Day 3: I Am Grateful…My Faith….My Beliefs…..

I’m so very Grateful that over the years, as Jim and I grew together, our Spirituality and Faith grew as well. We didn’t need a building, we didn’t need any one person telling us who, what, where, when, and how to Believe. Our Beliefs, My Beliefs, are what is helping me today. I know, actually, not only do I know, I Feel Jim, as well as our Grandparents. They are with me, surrounding me with their love, giving me strength….

My Soul Strolls have taken on a whole new meaning to me….my journey is taking me from my beloved beach back to the woods for a while. I’ve no doubt, I’ll continue to heal amongst the trees and trails…I will listen to the whispers of the wind, the musical sounds of the waterfalls and I will know He is with me……for Nature is my church.