My Tattoo Journey……….

A Fellow Blogger Bridgettesdigits asked me “Linda (I hope that’s your name, its on the photos… if not please let me know)… it looked like fun, except 4 the weather. On another note, I’m getting my very first Tattoo for my 55th birthday after my return from Rome. Your tattoos are amazing! Please consider doing a post on your tattoos and what you need to know before getting one. I’d love your insight on the matter.” ~Bridgette~

I’m no expert on the matter. Why does anyone want a tattoo? Every story is different. The obvious thing to remember is…it’s permanent. You can’t erase it. (I know you can laser it off, but why put yourself through that. Be sure before hand.)


I don’t recommend going to just anybody. Ask around. I’ve been going to my guy Eric for 8 years. I met him through a mutual friend. He knows me well enough now, that all I have to do is give him an idea and he runs with it. We ‘work’ well together.

Do your homework, find an idea, and work with your artist. Come up with a design that is all your own..that speaks to you…that tells your story. Your tattoo is something so personal. I had an acquaintance approach me and ask me what I thought she should get tattooed on the back of her neck. I  told her I couldn’t tell her what to get, that it was to personal a decision to make…to me, it really needs to speak to you…


The Dragonfly represents so many things for me….

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization;

It is a symbol of joy and rebirth..renewal…

They Focus on living ‘IN’ the moment…

…all of these things resonate with me….




………….I also have my grandchildren’s names, my children’s initials. I lost my Celtic wedding band so it’s now a tattoo…..the word Believe (a very powerful word to me) is in a sun rising as well as in the body of one of my dragonflies. My water fairy, she represents my love of the sea…the key and lock are reminders to me that I hold the key to my destiny… I also have my husbands initials on my neck…


Be prepared for some pain. Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different. I’m told I have a high tolerance for it…I’ve sat in the chair for 4+ hours at a clip. Eric knows me well enough to know how far he can push. You’ve got to have good communication with your artist….



I love my ink. They’re a great conversation started. Strangers will come up and ask about them, or I’ll just get a “Nice Ink” yelled to me. They’ve helped forge new connections with different generations, with different cultures. The only thing is, be prepared…once you start…you’re not gonna want to stop!!! LOL