Sunday Morning Miracle-A Haiku

Starting a new day

Celebrating all that’s new

Miracles abound


My Future Is NOW

Poetry, Day Ten: Future
Could it be our last day of Intro to Poetry already?! Let’s keep our spirits up by focusing on whatever it is that’s coming next. Whether it’s about tomorrow, next October, or the year 2345, let today’s poem be inspired by your vision of the future. (Fears, hopes, and plans are equally acceptable, of course. As are robots!) Feeling especially saucy at the end of this journey? Finish the course on a high note by experimenting with the king of poetic forms, the sonnet — a 14-verse poem (rhymed — or not) expressing one unified thought or emotion. Sonnets can get a bit technical (it’s part of the fun!), so you’re invited to learn more about them on our poetry resource page.

Gave a Sonnet a shot……


My thoughts of the future
Are minimal at best…
I don’t spend much time there
Preferring the present tense…
Living life in the Now
Is how I choose to be…
Instead of worrying and stressing
About a time that’s still a mystery…

What the future holds for me
Only time will tell…
In the meantime,
I’m living life hour to hour,
Day by day,
And I’m choosing to Live it well!







Day 9…BeachScape

Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape
The space(s) we spend our days in have such profound effects on us. Today’s prompt, landscape, invites you to explore your whereabouts and translate your thoughts into a poem. You could focus on the physical traits of a place you find beautiful, or on the way you interact with your surroundings at home, on the way to work, or when you’re on holiday.



I walk along the shoreline
Barefoot in the sand
Empty beach before me
Crashing waves close at hand…

Sun is shining
Breeze is blowing
Marshy scent is in the air
Delighting all my senses
It’s a true love affair.



Nature Soul Stroll=My Pleasure

Poetry, Day Eight: PleasureFrom the tantalizing to the satisfyingly sober, have your poem convey a sense of pleasure today. Imbue it with joy, glee, and profound contentment — or, if you wish to keep it dark, write about the lack of or longing for pleasure in your life. Add some structure to your poem today by making use of anaphora — a poetic device that relies on the repetition of the same word or phrase at the beginning of each verse. Or give epistrophe a shot — it’s the same thing, only at the end of verses. Learn more about both on our poetry resource page…….

Well, I thought I’d give an anaphora a try…………..

I turn to nature to start my day,

Sunrises touch my heart in a very special way.

I turn to nature when I need to be alone,

Soul strolling on the beach is where I like to roam.

I turn to nature whenever I need to Just Be

Being outside, breathing the air, is the 

Best therapy.


Ode To Peanut Butter 

Poetry, Day Seven: FlavorFrom the simple (butter on toast, a childhood-evoking bubblegum) to the more complex (insert your latest dinner-party triumph — or fiasco), flavor occupies a crucial place in our memories, in our stories, and in our social interactions. Make today’s poem about one flavor and why it matters to you. (Feel like addressing multiple flavors? Go for it!)

Ode To Peanut Butter

I eat you in the morning,

In the afternoon,

Anytime of day,

Your good upon a spoon…

Spread you on apples,

On Celery sticks,

Or bread…

Your peanutty goodness,

Goes right to my head….
Your my protein of choice,

Whenever I need a snack,

With a piece of deep dark chocolate,

Yumminess I never lack….
If you haven’t quite guessed it,

Peanut butter makes me swoon,

Whether I’m eating a PB &J

Or eating it off a great big spoon!!!