Calen, over at Impromptu Promptlings, thank you for sharing Harula’s GLADVENT POST. I’m jumping on board. Last month, my first November without Jim, I chose to share things I’m Grateful for. I think this is a great way for me to enter my first December without him.


“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”  ~Steve Maraboli~


When Jim passed away on October 14th….I was stunned, numb, in shock. The next day, my island community came out and surrounded me with their love and KINDNESS. Be it a hug, food, a shared memory. Be it taking my hand and leading me in the direction I needed to go. Their outpouring of KINDNESS left a lasting impact on me. Jims death has forever changed me, but so has the love and KINDNESS of Family, Friends and Strangers alike. I’ve said it from the beginning of this journey, that the KINDNESS of everyone has helped my healing process, and for that I’m eternally GRATEFUL. 

My Island Family

Love these ladies

Quote Of Awesomeness…..Quote A Day Challenge Day 2

So, my quote today is from a pretty cool guy in my book,,,Jeremy. He’s on a mission to make kindness cool!! He’s truly one of the Good Guys………I’m a recruited ‘love bomber’ sharing his message ..stop by and check him out! 

Long Distance Love Bombs

The Rules:Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources)
Nominate 3 bloggers to participate per post
Thank the person who nominated you……
Thank You  The ThoughtnCard for choosing me….I’ll happily participate since I Love Quotes!
I’m just going to change it up a bit and instead of nominating any one blogger, I’ll just put it ‘out there’ for anyone who’d like to join in!!!!!