2020 Home Photo Challenge

2020 Home Photo Challenge

Didn’t wander outside today….my Philip is recouping from surgery. A routine neuter became a bit more when it was discovered that he was suffering from Cryptorchidism

Recovery has been slow, but I believe he’s finally turning a corner.

“Kittens will make your sad go away. ~David Wong 

New Man

So, as 2019 winds down, I’ve found myself asking 🤔 am I ready to let someone new into my heart? And I realized, I was and am. Though I’ve acclimated to living my life alone, and quite honestly I like it, I miss companionship. So, I decided to check out online, see if anyone catches my eye…..well, someone did. I met with him yesterday, and he stole my heart. From his fluffy gray hair to his whiskers, I’m in love. Meet the new man in my life….His name is Philip 😻