Welcome To My ‘Home’

Thought I’d jump in the pool this week and join the Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge and share some of my Lanscapes.

These were all taken around this little island I call home….

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”  ~Gary Snyder~


©lindafedroff. All rights reserved 

To Crop Or Not To Crop..That Is The Question?!


I’m incredibly blessed to call this little island home. What a gift I receive each and every time I step foot outside my door…….

Photography 101-Day 15-Landscape & Cropping. Since Mother Nature has seen fit to envelope our island in dark clouds and thunderstorms, I’m sharing some past photographs!!! Some have been cropped, others have not.


love the colors of the marsh grasses in the fall (uncropped)


old coast guard station..loved the clouds (cropped)



sunrise over the marsh (cropped)


sunrise at the beach (uncropped)


Photography 101-Day 5-Solitude 

Day 5 of Photography 101 has us interpreting Solitude and Thirds. As soon as I read that Solitude was our assignment, I knew where I was headed….And Nope, it wasn’t the beach, though that is my go to place to enjoy my solitude and aloneness. Instead, I drove down to the southern most end of our island this morning….I have to be honest and say I didn’t give thirds much of a thought…. I just knew I wanted to photograph the Lost Sailors Cross over looking the channel…..Took a few other photos as well, in their own way depicting solitude…I hope I’ve done the subject some justice…


God Bless our lost sailors


empty shack


lone boat heading out