Saturday Sound Bites-LOST

It’s Saturday…..which means the next installment of Lady Calen’s Saturday Sound Bites

 Think of something you lost recently.

What are two positive insights you gained from the



I almost skipped this one, because my answer is so obviously not a something but someone.


Losing Jim has been the most painful loss I’ve ever had, and his loss will affect me the rest of my life (had a major meltdown last night.) But even in sadness and loss and meltdowns I glean positive insights……………

As lonely as I am for the life we had….I’m finding that not only do I like spending time alone, I actually like living alone. I like my own company…hell I even make myself laugh and I’m a good listener when I have something to say……

Another positive is the realization that I am stronger then I ever thought I was. For a while there I despised being told how strong I was….that observation leaving me feeling uncomfortable. But a few hard-headed friends helped me see the error of my way of thinking….opening my eyes to ‘see’ that having strength isn’t something to be uncomfortable about or denied, but something to be embraced and acknowledged.

Some days I’m stronger then others. Some days the loneliness is unbearable, but at the end of the day, when I turn in for the night, I go to sleep with a Grateful Heart.