Happy Birthday ❤️🎊


Today is my Jim’s birthday. He would have been 68…instead he is forever 65.


I Miss you Husband

My Beloved Best Friend..

Your smile, your laugh

Your love that transcends…

Today is your birthday

And we are apart..

I draw strength from our love though

And when the tears start…..

I’ll cry my river..

While deep within my soul..

I feel you with me

And for a little while, 

I’ll pretend, I am whole.



Love. You. Husband ❤️

SOUL Strollin’ PA Style 

Yesterday brought us ‘milder’ temperatures (50) and abundant sunshine. So, knowing the next few days we’re forecast to have rain, I headed over to Childs Park for an early afternoon Soul Stroll…….got a nice stroll in, then found a quiet spot to sit, contemplate and write…..

My Soul Strolls continue

Though the paths I walk have changed.

Like the winding flow of the river

I traverse, hoping to gain,

A new foothold on this journey of mine

While letting go of the pain…

The pain..

Comes and goes.

But My heart 

It’s healing.

While my love for you 



The Sandbox Writing Challenge…Review #4

Well…we have come to the end, the final review the SANBOX WRITING CHALLENGE!

Before embarking on this year long journey, I had never heard of Roberta Allen or her book The Playful Way To Knowing Yourself…..under the circumstances, I don’t know if I would have called this journey Playful by any means. It was definetly life changing. I learned A Lot about myself..but Playful wouldn’t have been the word I’d use for it. Don’t get me wrong, there were some lighter prompts, ,,but I guess it just comes down to the fact that our journeys are our own, and some folks may actually have a more playful time than others?!?!

1. In the last 15 exercises, did any of your answers surprise you? Why?  When I went back to read over my responses, I can honestly say nope, none of my ‘answers’ surprised me…..
2. Is there any exercise that felt more charged than others? If you’d like, carry on with that post and share your additions with us. Challeng #46 A Matter Of Perspective sticks out as one that ‘got to me’..my response BEING ACCOUNTABLE  definetly lit my fire.

3. Were there any exercises that felt incomplete to you? If so, complete them now. Stop when your energy is spent. Then please share. I guess, like Calen, I’d have to say Challenge #52 Where are you going? Where would you like to be in five years? My response THIS JOURNEY OF MINE sums it up, as my journey continues…so in a sense it’s incomplete.

4. What insights about yourself (if any) came to light in these last 15 exercises? In week #53’s exercise Legacy, I believe I cover that pretty well with my response in my post WHAT IVE LEARNED VIA THE SANDBOX WRITING CHALLENGE

You have come to the end of the book, but you haven’t come to the end of this process. Now is the time to consider how to use what you’ve learned about yourself. Answer the following questions.

1. Who might benefit from what you have discovered? Anyone who has ever felt unloved, unworthy, broken. A victim of abuse. Anyone who’s had/has a toxic relationship with their parents….As I said in an earlier post, if even one person can walk away feeling better about themselves or having discovered something within themself because of something I shared, then I hit a home run!

2.  What actions might you take now that you wouldn’t have taken before? At this point, I think I need to just continue to move forward, and work on believing in myself and my capabilities…I still have a hard to seeing myself as successful at anything. 

3. What can you now accept about yourself? That I AM Loved and worthy of being Loved. That I Am stronger then I ever thought I was. I accept my brokenness not as a sign of weakness,,,,putting myself back together has proven my resilience.

4. What else would you like to know about yourself? I still would like to know why I don’t believe in myself or have confidence in my abilities..why I constantly second guess myself…

5.  Now that you’ve tapped into your energy, can you think of ways to tap into it more often? Are there thoughts, such as “it’s not serious,” or images from this book or your imagination, that you can focus your attention on, to help you feel more alive?

I think I’ve gotten pretty good at taking and making time for myself…..I will continue to take my Soul Strolls and keep myself open to the energies around me….I need to work on listening to my intuition, my inner spirit more. Though I Am open and aware of the signs that show themselves to me…I Need To BELIEVE in them…I Need to LISTEN to them, ,,listen not with my ears, but Listen to them with my whole Heart and Soul.