Missing Him

Today I’ve reached the two and a half year mark since Jim gained his wings…it still boggles my mind how incredibly fast the time has and does continue to fly by. But, each day brings me one day closer to being reunited with him…in the meantime, the hands of time keep ticking away.

I. Love. You. Husband.

Is measured in hours, minutes and seconds…
My life,
Is measured by the amount of days
You’ve been gone…
912 days
Since I last saw your face,
Heard your voice…
Kissed and felt your touch.
I didn’t think I could
Live without you.
What I have discovered is,
I’m not.
Though you’re physically not here,
You reside deep within me,
Deep Deep in my heart.
Always and Forever.






Happy Birthday ❤️🎊


Today is my Jim’s birthday. He would have been 68…instead he is forever 65.


I Miss you Husband

My Beloved Best Friend..

Your smile, your laugh

Your love that transcends…

Today is your birthday

And we are apart..

I draw strength from our love though

And when the tears start…..

I’ll cry my river..

While deep within my soul..

I feel you with me

And for a little while, 

I’ll pretend, I am whole.



Love. You. Husband ❤️

12 Nights Of Solstice .. Night 3

Welcome to Third Night of Solstice,

A time of traveling and following the heart path.
This is a time of connecting with your inner expression.
This is a time of finding your way between the veil,
and through the edges of time seeking assistance in the reflective surface.
Finding the gifts that will illuminate and guide you along your way to
celebrating the deep darkness and the return of the sun…
the Winter Solstice.

After My nightly soul-stroll and meditation, I found myself drawn to my paints….the gift…. a key 🗝



The Key….The Story Continues 




MCM…Ed Sheeran

I cannot get enough of listening…….Ladies your welcome……

Men, stop what your doing, grab your lady and DANCE. You won’t regret it. I’m grateful for the memories of Jim and I dancing in the kitchen by the glow of the over-the-stove hood light.

The bittersweet truth …the life of this widow is spent dancing with his keepsake urn and memories……

So,,,stop what your doing and DANCE..SLOW.

Miss you Husband…will be dancing with you in my dreams!!



I Have Survived 👊

This weeks writing prompt over in The Sandbox Writing Challenge has us digging up the answer to the question “What Makes You A Survivor?”

I was digging!!

I spent my morning Soul Stroll contemplating my answer to this question. I know I have touched on this in The SBC Week 5-What Makes You Different. I’ve linked it if anyone is so inclined to go back and read that post. I Am Different


I believe we are all Survivors. Our stories may be different, but there is no doubt in my mind that we have all been a victim at some point in our lives. My condensed story…. I was molested as a little girl…I was unloved by my parents….I was in a physically abusive relationship, and then married a man who was emotionally and mentally abusive…………..sadly, my story does not make me unique. Back then….I Was A Victim…………………

I was one troubled young lady hiding the bruises

Today, I Am A Survivor. 

I Am A Survivor because I choose to be. 

I Am A Survivor because I have made peace with my past.


 I Am A Survivor because I Will Not Forget it. Though it does not define me, it is a part of who I Am. And what I Am is Strong! 

I Am A Survivor because I accept that I cannot go back and change what my life was back then…it was my journey, all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly of it…..but it was this, my journey, that has brought me to My Here and Now…….

I Am A Survivor because in my Here and Now….My Life Is Good…REALLY REALLY GOOD.

this mornings Soul Stroll…the sun was Shining on me!! ☀️