my void

I had this tucked away in my DayOne Journal. I love that it has the feature of daily reminders of past journal entries….this is one from 4 years ago. I wish I could take credit for writing it….but it’s worthy of a share.


“I do not want to fill my void.

I want my void wide open.

Open to the elements of life.

I want to feel it empty, deep and hollow.

I want to simmer in its pain

and rejoice in its ecstasy.

I want my void to be clean

and responsible.

I will not fill it with

false interpretations,

suggestions and masks

such as addictions.

I shall fill it with that

which makes me whole.

Music, poetry, giving,

sharing, friendship, dance,

love, joy, literature, words,

meaning, and nutrients.

A void is simply an

acute awareness of oneself.

An inner intuition of feeling.

A depth. A meaning.

A true presence to yourself.

That VOID is right where it belongs.

Inside of ME.”

~author unknown~