NaJoWriMo..Day 2 (January 2017)

NaJoWriMo Day 2

Your Creative Influences

Yesterday you wrote about ways you express yourself creatively. For today’s journal entry, write about your creative influences. Who and what makes you feel creative. Who and what do you draw creative inspiration from? You might consider writing your journal entry in the form of a letter to a creative person or type of creative expression (singer, painter, genre of music, sports player, science fiction, author, poet, etc) who you admire and draw inspiration from.


My influences basically come from my love of nature…..over the course of the past year and a half or so, my inspiration was the healing I found out in nature…most notably the sea.

(I wrote the following the end of August 2016. …)

Early this morning

Waiting for the sun to come up

I embraced my Now…..


This life of mine

The life that I know

Has no real certainty….


I wake each morning

Thrilled with the expectation 

And the joy of being Alive…..


My life is pretty amazing. Even when hitting those bumps that always seem to pop up along the way, I know, around the bend, the road will smooth out again. In the meantime, as I’m learning lessons along the way, I may as well enjoy the scenery……………………..©lindafedroff_august2016

Today… my life is in a major state of transition, my heart still on the mend…..but I’m slowly finding my way back to embracing my Now. I miss my beloved Ocean and all the healing powers it provided me………….

Another, just as important influence is my muse, the Dragonfly, who has played a major role in my life for the last 10 years……never more so then the past 8 months…..

(This was written in April 2016)

Dragonfly Dragonfly
You came to me…

Bringing me Comfort,

Peace And Serenity.

Your message delivered.

Your touch I still feel.

Your time with me short lived,

But your impact was real.

Photo: Autotelic

Thursday’s Thoughts….

I walk alone,

One with Nature.

The sun is rising,

Warmth beating down,

As it ascends in the sky.

The sounds of morning

Begin to fill the air,

With its welcoming song.

The chorus escalates.

Yet, one feels and hears the quiet.
It’s here I find My Heaven,

Where My Spirit is restored.

I feel my Soul connected 

To the creatures

One and all.

The lines of humanness

Are blurred,

As souls are connected.

What I feel is Peaceful Joy..

And comfort in my essence.