Photography101…….Take, Take Me Home….

Here we go! First day of Photography101…today’s subject is HOME. 

Home to me…is that place deep inside where my soul/spirit resides……and the place where I feel most connected to my soul/spirit is outdoors, in nature. Whether I’m at the beach or a forest of trees, a lake or mountain,,,,when I’m one with nature, I Am Home…Home these days is this quiet stretch of beach…….

This little space amongst the loblolly pines is the perfect place for meditation…it’s the perfect ‘room with a view!’

And this….my ‘skylight’

Monday Morning’s Musing ☀️

“I rise. I taste the dawn. I know, even at the darkest hour, the sun will shine.”  

Monday Morning is here. A new day. A new week. A new beginning.

The world is still reeling from the attacks in France and Beirut. Yet, our lives must go on. Breakfasts must be made. Laundry has to be done. Dinner put in the crock pot. In the background, I had on a Hallmark Christmas movie called Silent Night. 


Silent Night is a fact-based 2002 television film set on Christmas Eve in 1944, during World War II.

A German mother, Elisabeth Vincken (Linda Hamilton), who had already lost her eldest son in the Battle of Stalingrad and whose husband is a cook serving in the German army, and her son, Fritz, are seeking refuge in a cabin near the front lines in the Ardennes forests region of western Europe. They are invaded by three American soldiers and then soon after three German soldiers, and after much resistance the mother manages to convince the enemy soldiers to put aside their differences for one night and share a Christmas dinner. The Germans were planning to kill the Americans, but eventually they and the American soldiers share their rations to make a proper Christmas dinner. This includes homemade cookies and other goodies. Throughout the night the Americans and Germans befriend each other, despite the fact that they will eventually have to return to the war. The next morning an American MP soldier comes and is surprised by what he sees. As he learns of what has happened he turns his rifle on the American soldiers and begins talking with the Germans. Realizing the officer is really a German soldier who has infiltrated the American lines, the Americans surrender and the three German soldiers get their weapons. The German infiltrator then orders the three other soldiers to execute the Americans. Just before he is about to shoot the mother, one of the German soldiers knocks him out, saving her. The soldiers depart, with the Americans taking the German infiltrator as a prisoner of war, and also one of the Germans, who is only fourteen – neither side wants him to die in a future battle. The Germans also return to their side. All say good bye and wish each other good luck for the rest of the war. In the present day, an elder Fritz (Michael Sinelnikoff) is visited by Private Jimmy Rassi’s grandson, Christopher, with Fritz handing over Rassi’s dogtags.

“Try a new perspective on diversity.

Across the country and around the world,

we are all one.”

~Jonathan Lockwood Huie~ 


“Let me bring peace into moments of chaos.”~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie~