Sunrise & Ponies ☀️🐴

Those who know me, know that I prefer taking my Soul Strolls alone…on rare occasions, hubby will join me, but for the most part, I stroll alone. This morning, I was joined by 3 unexpected walking companions…their company, was a delightful surprise 😊 These are just 3 of the roughly 150 pony herd that resides here on the Refuge. They are 2012 buybacks,  which means they were bought at auction..then those who ‘bought’ them donate them back,,,,,,but they get bragging rights and get to name them.




Triumph In A Scratch 

Well, today marks the end of Photography 101. It’s been eye opening. I learned a few things, and hopefully I’ll learn to put them to use. More times than not, the stuff I learned goes out the window when I’m in the middle of ‘shooting’…….Anyway, thanks so much to @rootjosh @pmciano for being our hosts and taking us along on this photography ride. No doubt you’ll see me again sometime in the future! And thank you to my fellow Photogs, for sharing your work. It was wonderful to see how differently same we ‘saw’ the subjects!!!

My photographs for our subject of Triumph & Contrast unfortunately are not from today. We’ve got highs winds, rain and fog….Mother Nature just isn’t cooperating today. Sooooo…as I was sitting here contemplating my dilemma, I got an itch between my shoulder blades. Y’all know how that is, trying to find a way to reach it….I grabbed the closest thing to me…My sharpie (with cap on of course 😄) I got that itch,,,and bam, TRIUMPH!  Below, are my photographs of Triumph at Scratching That Itch!!!! Also, played a little bit with the contrast, but not much.


getting it…getting it!!


rollin’ that itch away


when all else fails, use a tree for a scratching post!


My Little Town…..Pony Penning Part 2

For those of you who stopped by, read and commented on my blog post yesterday, here’s a continuation….the video below is from the 2013 Pony Swim……the man who put this together did an outstanding job….I personally know many of the Cowboys, and they’re amazing people who really love these horses!!! Enjoy!!

After the swim, the ponies are rested and then walked to the carnival grounds where they’re corralled. Thousands of people will be there to view and decide on which pony they want to bid on and hopes of bringing home….

Thursday morning the auction starts at 8 a.m…..I went to one and it was enough for me…..I’m not in the market to buy a pony, and sitting there, watching and listening to the foals cry for their mamas, and the mamas ‘yelling’ for their babies, once was enough for me…..though the looks on the kids faces who bought ponies was priceless…….







A Little Bit Of Nature…A Whole Lotta Calm

Since embarking on this little journey of Blogging 101 via Blogging University and its assignments, AND entertaining 2 young grandchildren, I haven’t ‘just blogged’ for the sake of blogging. Well, today is that day…to share a few photos of mine of my favorite place…the beauty surrounding this place I call home…and a few quotes to round it off with!



“No man is an island,” said John Donne. I feel we are all islands—in a common sea.”   ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea~


“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~


“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” ~Edward Abbey~