Summer Lovin’ In The Sand ⛱

Alrighty…Day 22 of SOULSEAKER’s 31 Days Of Summer Lovin’ Challenge…what’s today’s topic?!?!?

Day 22: Sand….

“Sand lines my soul which is filled with the breath of the ocean.” ~A.D. Posey~




Slightly Odd 🙃

Sunday’s are fun days over at Cee’s Place. Why you ask?! Sundays mean it’s time for the Odd Ball Challenge and I just so happen to have a few to share today! 😄😄

Caught a Skate fishing on Friday

Wave art in the sand…I think it looks like the waves drew a tree

this mornings clouds ..someone was watching over me while having my coffee outside

Vision In Black And White 📷

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” ~Andri Cauldwell~ 


“Because sometimes you just want to see things in black and white.” ~me~


“Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.”  ~Robert Frank~


Circle In The Sand 

Calen, over at Impromptu Promptlings has given us our next assignment in The Sandbox Writing Challenge….How does this picture relate to your life?


Is it a circle?

A zero?

The letter “O”?

Relate this figure to your life.

What does it me to you?

If I was taking one of my Soul Strolls along the beach and came across this circle drawn in the sand, I would have thought it was left there for someone, maybe me, to continue adding to it….turn it into some form of sand art….I’d start by adding bits of shells and pebbles that litter the beach, maybe some washed up seaweed. I’d add my ‘stamp’ to it, then continue on my way, in hopes that future wanderers would add their touches, and watch as what was once just a simple circle drawn in the sand has grown into a visual piece of sand/nature art made by many.

This is one I started in May….I’d visit it every few days to see how it was evolving…….it was a spiritual quest for me. To know that there were others adding little pieces of themselves to it, connecting us in some little way, was enlightening. Each time I would approach and see a new addition to it, I felt a little flutter in my heart. It has since been washed away by storm surges, but I look forward to the next one, whenever it presents itself.


….and of course, you know there has to be a song in there somewhere!!

Photo Challenge….Close Up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

Love this challenge!!!


This first shot is the sandy beach….I loved the way the ocean waves carved out these little ‘valleys’…the sand actually had a clay-like look to it……


This one was a lone gull feather sitting on the sand……….


……and last but not least, a close up of the ‘seafoam’ and scattering of shells the waves brought in……