Monday’s Point Of View ☀️

My Monday’s  Point Of View ☀️

Found This Little Gem…….Picked It Up….

…..And Listened To The Song Of The Sea


On a deserted stretch of beach

I slowly walk..alone.

Loneliness escapes me

With the elements I am home.

I am one with the Earth,

The Sea and the Sky.

 Linked by unseen fibers

I do not question why.

A connection is what I feel,

I sense and I believe.

As I hear my name,

Quietly sung,

By the waves and ocean breeze.

The music of the sea

Is calling me home 

Peacefully I walk along

The shores of home, alone.


Poetry, Day One: Water

So, I read over at The Daily Post that they are now offering Blogging U. On Demand. No need to register, you can just jump in and participate in any of the ‘courses’ they offer. Soooooo, I decided to give Writing: An Intro To Poetry……First assignment…Water. 

Let’s get started with the essentials: today, write a poem about water. It can be a murky puddle or a glistening lake. Amniotic fluid or your grandfather’s glass of Seltzer. A bath, a hose, or an oasis. It’s time to pay poetic homage to H2O.

Looking for an extra challenge? For today’s poem, experiment with haiku — a short poetic form that works particularly well with nature-themed poetry. Read more about it on our poetry resource page.

Sea Spray on the wind

Intoxicates the senses

Elixir of the sea.